How To React When Water Damage Occurs

How To React When Water Damage Occurs

Water may be essential to our daily lives, but it can really cause bads to our homes during a storm, leak, or even a fire! But wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, if it’s water damage, IBX has you covered. We’re experts at water damage recovery and even mold remediation- because, you know, that’s an issue too when it comes to water damage. Here’s what you should do if it happens:


Act Quickly

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It’s important to act as quickly as possible once you discover you have damages from water! Remember, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to begin growing and spreading throughout your home! If you don’t want a serious mold issue on your hands, then get moving, get moving, get moving!

Dry Out the Area

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Next, do your best to dry out the area until the professionals arrive. We know that this is no simple task, especially when you’re battling mold and other contaminants! But remember that the longer you leave an area moist, the more likely it is that mold will form. So do your best to act as quickly as possible!


Call in IBX

water damage toronto CALL IBX

Do you live in the Toronto,  GTA and have a water damage problem on your hands? Then you’re in luck! The IBX services Team is a group of trained professionals who have plenty of expertise in cleaning up after water damage, and restoring your home to its original, pristine condition.

IBX really knows what they’re doing when it comes to water damage! You can put your trust in us. We’ve been at this for over a decade; that’s ample time to learn the ropes! So remember, as soon as you encounter what happened in or around your home, give ibx Team a call!

IBX is an GTA restoration operating company and not only. We work on Fire, Water Damage, General Contracting and MORE !!!! 

Put our team, experience, and ethics to work for you! Call Us!

nardiHow To React When Water Damage Occurs

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