Sabrina Wolf

IBX always comes through in a crisis with absolute speed and professionalism. There is nothing that they can’t handle. Not just floods…chemical spills, fires you name it. Don’t settle for amatures or immitations. Thank you IBX ?

lazertaSabrina Wolf
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Nicholas Thomas

We especially want to thank your staff for their consistent, exemplary professional contributions… The community is so pleased with the new facility.

lazertaNicholas Thomas
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Louis Newman

Best experience ever with Ibx Services! The dedicated staff is only a call away!

lazertaLouis Newman
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Ejola Omeri

LOVE this company – we had a fire in one of the buildings we manage. We sent out a Bat Signal and Ta Da….. IBX to the rescue.
I have also hired them for mold and carpet cleaning from water damage!
Great customer service and top notch quality.

lazertaEjola Omeri
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