Prevent Water Damage From Drain Clogs

More water damage insurance claims are filed for pipe breaks and plumbing or appliance issues than weather-related causes. Most plumbing failures in the kitchen and the bathroom are easily prevented. If a clog causes a backup and it is not caught right away, the resulting water damage can lead to warped hardwood floors, popping tiles,

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What to do after a house fire.

When a fire occurs! It is always hard to clear your head and quickly think about what you have to do after experiencing a fire in your house. Below here we have listed some steps that you might consider if tough times come. Immediately call restoration! Fire is an awful experience and you wouldn’t be

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Everything you need to know about Water Damage

If you live in the province of Ontario you are most likely familiar with its significant variations in temperature. Famous for warm and humid summers, and cold snowy winters rich in precipitations. As a result of this continental climate, the risk of floods is ever-present. It’s seldom thought as such but the damage caused by