7 Factors That Affect Water Damage Repair Costs

Water is a force of nature to be reckoned with and has the amazing power to both build and destroy anything in its path. It created the Grand Canyon, it keeps us alive, and unfortunately, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to our home.

If you live in a snowy, but the affordable city and if your home has water damage, repairing it right away is vital. Finding the cause of water damage and addressing the issue is half the battle, the other half is minimizing the damages. The extent of water damage can be misleading when looking at the outside surface but oftentimes water seeps into the deeper materials of your home. Because of the unique nature of water, the damage cost can range from high to low.  Here’s a look into factors that will affect the price of minimizing water damage. 

No one wants to end up with a more expensive bill than they expected. That’s why it’s better to get a professional estimate on your repairs. Here are some of the factors that will affect the repair price.


As you might expect, the larger the damaged area, the more expensive it will be to repair. It will take more time, manpower, and materials to fix an entire room that was flooded compared to a few square feet of damage. This is not the only factor that determines your cost. Some of the other factors in this list can add up and make a smaller area with more extensive damage cost more than a larger area.


As the cost of living changes, so does the cost of services such as repairing water damage. It’s best practice to find a local reputable water damage company with an experienced professional that can give you an accurate cost estimate. 


If water is still present, it should be removed immediately to stop further deterioration of the house. This can be done with the help of water pumps, dehumidification equipment, and moister absorbent materials. Removing excess water adds more time to the mitigation process, leading to an added cost. Once the area is dry and excess water is removed, the repair process can begin.


Depending on the materials affected, the cost will vary. For example, hardwood floors are oftentimes easier to repair than carpets, walls and trim. Hardwood floors require less time than the time-consuming labour that is associated with replacing carpet.  Another factor to take into consideration that will affect the cost of mitigation is the cost of the materials that need to be replaced or repaired. 


The water state during water damage can vary from clean to bio-hazard. The more polluted the water, the more precautions and treatments repair will require resulting in a higher cost. The worst-case scenario is sewage: black water that has been in contact with human waste. On the other hand, gray water is water that is used for showers or dishes but not for sewage. Backwater and gray water mitigation are usually more expensive because of the need to treat contaminants.


One of the worst parts about water damage in a home is that it can lead to the development of mould and mildew. The way to prevent mould and mildew from developing is to ensure that excess moisture has been removed from damaged areas.  If allowed to grow, they can generate further damage to your home and even turn it into a health hazard. If mould or mildew is present, it adds an extra step to your water damage repair. Not surprisingly, that extra step leads to a larger bill.


A good rule of thumb to follow is to address water damage immediately, that is your first defence against further damage. The longer you wait, the larger the impact it has resulted in a need for more repairs and a high bill. In addition, mould and mildew will have a chance to develop and that requires another set of repairs themselves.  


We understand that it is not fun to pay for home repairs and it is certainly not cheap. In comparison, the initial costs of water damage mitigation you pay now are minor to what you would have to pay down the line. Ignoring water damage can lead to further problems like mould, rot, and even structural damage that may be entirely irreparable.  

If you’re ready to get started with a personalized estimate, contact our home repair experts.

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