Black Mold after Water Damage

We all know that there are numerous other problems that come with water damage like black mould. If we do not tackle it immediately we may end up with serious destruction to walls and foundational damage to our house that will cost even more. The house damage is the last thing you should worry about because with water damage comes black mould that can be a real threat to your health.

How can I check for black mould?

The right thing to do when you suspect that your house may have black mould after water damage is to call a specialist to help you. It is common to have allergies or be vulnerable to mould so it is important to have the right tools and professional outfits in order to remove it.

Here are some things to look out for and learn if you have mould or not in your home.

Identifying black mould in your home

It is important to check every now and then on the moist rooms like the kitchen and bathroom for potential mould growth. Everywhere where you may find a leak it is necessary to fix it immediately because sooner or later will turn into a mould problem. Also if you are experiencing allergy symptoms or asthma attacks might be an indicator of black mould growth. Every furniture or something else that is affected that can not be restored needs to be thrown away because it can risk damaging the other belongings.

How are mould allergies and exposure diagnosed?

Even if you may have coughing or skin irritation it doesn’t mean that it is because of mould so it is recommended to see a doctor in order to run some tests. There are two known tests like blood tests and skin prick tests that can tell you exactly if your complications come from the black mould or something else.

  • Blood test. Only with a small blood sample that is analyzed by a laboratory, your doctor can tell you exactly how many antibodies you have, which can indicate the vulnerability of your immune system to black mould. 
  • Skin prick test. The skin prick test is another quick and easy test that your doctor can do to know if you are allergic to mould. This test can be done by applying a small amount of mould directly into your skin to see how your skin reacts to it. 

How are mould-induced symptoms treated?

There are numerous treatments for mould allergies that you can take in order to get well. Some of them are Nasal sprays, allergy shots, montelukast and OTC medications that you can get with a doctor’s recipe. 

  • Nasal sprays or rinses.  Nasal sprays can help tremendously to decrease the infection that is generated by mould allergies. You can find Nasal sprays as a pump spray and regular spray. 
  • OTC medicationsOTC or over the counter medications are non-prescription medicines that you can buy to cure small infections or irritation by following the direction from the label.
  • Montelukast. Montelukast is a medication that helps to treat all the asthma-related health hazards like difficulty breathing, chest tightness etc.

Removing black mould from your building

The black mould removal should be handled only by a professional and it is not something that you can turn into a DIY project because the black mould can be extremely toxic. If you try to remove the black mould by yourself it may release spores that can help the spreading of the mould on the other part of the room where it has contact with water. It is recommended for you and your family not to live in the house while the professional team is working on the removal. The IBX team is ready to help you anytime to provide safety for your family by doing a quick and perfect job so you can go back to normality as soon as possible. 

Why Us?

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