Carpet Cleaning Services

About 79 % of The soil is of a DRY particulate nature and can be removed by Vacuuming. Another 2O % is of a sticky nature and cannot be removed by Vacuuming. While keeping in mind to vacuum as much as possible don’t forget to have your carpet Professionally Cleaned every 6 to 12 months depending on the traffic you have in your home, business. One of the conditions of the warranty when you purchase a carpet is to have the carpet professionally cleaned approximately every 12 months. In case of spills in the carpet spot clean with a mild detergent to try to lift up as much as possible. Test the detergent first on a non visible area. For Wool or other natural fiber carpets look for a mild detergent with a neutral pH close to 7. A detergent with higher or lower pH might cause browning or a pH burn on the carpet.

• Steam Cleaning
• Dry Cleaning
• Rotary Brush Scrubbing + Steam Cleaning
• In Plant Cleaning


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Steps on Carpet Cleaning

1. Free Estimate on the Phone or on Site.
2. Pre-inspect and qualification. We will let you know the expected results.
3. Vacuum carpet if needed. (not included, optional)
4. Move and protect furniture. (not oversized, heavy items)
5. Pre-treat spots if needed.
6. Pre-Spray Solution on Carpet.
7. Allow it to work with the stains.
8. Steam Clean with Hot Water and Extract. (in Steam Cleaning Process)
8. Buff with a rotary machine with an absorbent pad. ( in Dry Cleaning Process)
8. Scrub with rotary brush & Steam Clean with Hat water and Extract. (in Heavy Soiled Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process)
9. Post-treat spots and stains.
10. Apply Deodorizer, Disinfectant, Scotchguard. (not included, optional)

Carpet Cleaning Services

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