Does Water Damage Decrease Home Value

When talking about hazards to one’s house water damage is not usually of the highest concern as termites, fire and natural disasters usually take up most of the homeowner’s attention. That said, the most prominent danger to your home is none other than water damage and if you bought it thinking that someday in the future you can make a tidy profit out of it, making sure its value doesn’t decrease is of utmost importance.

If you value your home you should always be aware of the risks that water damage brings to its worth.

How does water damage affect your home value?

It is common for people to buy a home with the intent to sell it again in the future and in the meanwhile also make a quick buck out of it. If that’s the case, knowing public enemy number 1, a.k.a water damage will take you a long way. Nothing can lower the value of your property faster than water damages. Here are some ways the value of your home can deprecate:

  • Roof leakage:

Not only will your roof be ruined but most probably so will be your attic space, the ceiling under it and even the lighting system. You can imagine the amount of money it would take to repair all of that. 

  • Structural damage:

A flooded basement can go as far as to damage even your home foundations. That’s the kind of damage that cannot simply be repaired as it would be cheaper to simply rebuild the whole thing.

Mould is probably the second-worst kind of water damage that can affect your home right after structural damage as it will persist even if you clean up the water. In most cases, mould will be no more than an inconvenience. That’s it, if you manage to identify it fast enough. Otherwise, it will seriously affect your home value.

What are some common water damage risks?

There are many causes for water damage and some of them are quite frankly beyond your control. But even then knowing your enemy is the first step toward a flawless victory.

  • Broken pipe and gutter

A broken pipe in the basement can slowly fill the entire thing without you even noticing a thing. That said, they can also be quite easy to notice if they are linked to the gutter as you can immediately see the results. Needless to say, broken pipes should be fixed as fast as possible.

  • Leaky Roof

The problem with leaky roofs is that they are quite hard to identify due to them usually being hidden from the eye unless you inspect them frequently while the damage is done over time rather than in a one-and-done kind of way. This may result in homeowners noticing the damage only when it’s too late.

  • Condensation

Condensation is both the most common and most ignored risk of water damage for your home. Most homeowners don’t realize the mould problem they could avoid by properly draining and maintaining their air conditioner or simply keeping bathrooms and kitchen windows open.

How to protect your home from water damage?

Frequent and rigorous inspection is the name of the trade. If you are serious about protecting your home’s worth from the danger of water damage, making sure that everything is in tiptoe condition at all times is paramount. Always check for leaking pipes and roofs or for mould infections as these are the prime factors in water damage situations. Keep your gutters clear of debris in all seasons to avoid the accumulation of dampness. Make sure pipes are not frozen in the winter and if you plan to leave for a long time drain the system before leaving to make sure no water is left in the pipes.

How to restore the value of your home?

In case the damage is already done or you failed to prevent it you can try to remediate it yourself to avoid diminishing your home value even further. That said, if you don’t have the appropriate tools for the job you might end up doing more bad than good. To make sure the job is well done it’s best to refer to professional help as they are the only ones with the appropriate tools and knowledge for these kinds of situations.

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