Dry Ice Blasting Services in Toronto

What is Dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting services gives deep cleaning of the objects and devices of your home or business, that’s why it is one of the best methods. Dry ice blasting is similar to the glass blasting method, sand bead blasting or soda blasting method where media is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned and/or prepared. Also, dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide at temps of (−78.5 °C−109.3 °F).

How Dry Ice Blasting Works

If you want quickly, efficiently, and safely cleaning surfaces and objects we provide you that Dry Ice Blasting is the best method. Small dry ice particles are passed through a tube along with compressed air and directed towards the surface that will be cleaned. The small dry ice particles evaporate to carbon dioxide on impact, detaching the particles by cooling the temperature down leaving no residue for better cleaning and blasting away any particles that were present on the surface.

Dry ice blasting is one of the most environmentally friendly surface restoration processes. It is used for cleaning machinery, structures or objects. Dry ice blasting services eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and also hazardous waste disposal. Making it your safest and the most efficient, environmental site cleaning option. 

Energy Transfer (Dry Ice Pellet Kinetic Energy)

To knock the contaminants off, we use pressure to fire dry ice pellets out of the nozzle and hit the surface. Dry ice is ‘soft; so no abrasion occurs. 

Temperature (Thermal Shock Effect)

The extreme cold of the dry ice pellets while hitting the surface will create a microthermal shock between the surface and the contaminant. This extreme cold will also sanitize the surface which is valuable in food processing.

Gas Pressure (Sublimates)

Sublimation is the third means of cleaning. As the dry ice pellet impacts with the surface, it will expand and convert to a harmless gas. 

Dry Ice Blasting Services applications:

  • Surface preparation-Removes oils, grease, wax prior to painting
  • Equipment maintenance-Film, grease, light corrosion, coatings
  • Blast Cleaning-Dirt, mould, paint, tar, adhesives, and coatings
  • Stone and Brickwork Cleaning-Graffiti removal
  • Paint removal, brick restoration
  • Historical Restoration-Environmental stains, grime, coatings, and surface dirt
  • Concrete-Coatings, paint, and sealer removal
  • Bitumen-Equipment, piping, stairs, tanks, tankers
  • Industrial coatings spraying to the agreed specification

Dry ice blasting service is useful because it involves very little cleanup. It also protects our blasting experts and clients from harsh chemicals. Our dry blasting services can be used for different surfaces, including, food equipment, mould or water damaged surfaces or even gas or oil equipment.

Main benefits of Dry Ice Blast cleaning:

  1. No Chemicals- Dry ice cleaning does not use any chemicals or solvents.
  2. Ecologically friendly- Dry ice blasting is completely non-toxic. That means that it does not produce CO2 and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.
  3. No damage to sensitive machinery
  4. No Grit- it means that this process will not bother you at all.
  5. Eliminates secondary waste- Dry ice cleaning doesn’t produce any secondary waste stream as the dry ice disappears back into the atmosphere leaving only the dislodged primary contaminant to be disposed of.
  6. Increases production potential- Dry ice blasting services often allow the company’s production equipment to be cleaned while in operation so there is no need to stop work.

Why Us?

IBX Services is a full-services company for any kind of emergency service. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete emergency services, cleaning and disinfection services, and commercial services too. From identifying the cause of the problem to fixing any design flaws in the affected areas, and the prevention of further and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any other indirect problem, we strive to be a leader in the emergency services solutions industry.

By following our team tips, you easily will achieve positive results. So, feel free to contact us here!

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