How Long Does Fire Restoration Take?

The fire damage restoration process, when performed by trained professionals, is designed to reverse the extensive damage caused by a house fire. Whether the fire began in the kitchen or due to a mishap with a space heater, restoration professionals can usually take the necessary steps to restore and repair the house within a varying timeframe. During this restoration period, homeowners are usually stressed and often without a home. The primary goal to restore your home to a habitable condition is to work quickly and efficiently. 

The fire restoration process depends on the extent of the fire damage. More or less time may be required for restoration, depending on the scope of your project. Hiring damage restoration professionals to return your home to normal working conditions is imperative. 

Fire damage restoration timeframe

Much may be lost in the blaze, including memories and possessions. Because you have such a personal investment in the affected area, restoration experts advise not to help improve the situation. Some homeowners are inexperienced with fire damage and they risk worsening the situation. 

Usually, when a home has suffered from fire, the restoration and cleanup process can begin once the emergency services handle the blaze. The soot and smoke are long-lasting issues and both must be handled by emergency services to ensure that the family that lives inside breathes clean air. 

To properly clean fire damage and smoke contamination, specialized restoration equipment must be utilized. This training and these tools can make all the difference. What it takes an average homeowner to complete, expertly takes less than half. 

The exact timeframe required to properly clean fire damage varies in different situations. Some factors that play a part in this include the significance of the fire damage, the smoke contamination, the size of the home, and whether materials are needed to complete repairs and restoration. 

The fire restoration process

While the fire restoration process may vary in time, there is a list of solid steps that everyone must go through to fully restore a building after fire damage. These steps will vary depending on the severity of the fire and can last anywhere from a couple of days to seven months or more. 

  1. Assessment. Assessing the damages is key to understanding what exactly needs to be restored, the associated cost, and how long will it take. It is important to hire a professional restoration company that gives you a clear overview of what needs to be restored.
  2. Damage control. A fire cleanup team will avoid further damage by removing salvageable contents from the home. The longer they stay in the affected area, the harder they’ll be able to clean. In the case of fire damages on surfaces, these will be covered. 
  3. Cleaning and repairs. Fire causes a lot of surface damage that will need to be restored and cleaned. This means removing soot and sanitizing the areas that have been damaged.
  4. Replacing damaged items. Furniture, paintings, flooring, wallpaper, and electrical sockets may all need to be replaced due to dire damage. In this case, create a full list of items to be replaced for personal purposes and insurance.

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