Fire Damage. Best Stain And Odor Removal Tips

If your home’s experienced smoke damage, you’ll want to address the issue immediately. The sooner you begin cleaning, the better chance you’ll have of eliminating the damage completely. You have two choices available to you: you can hire professionals, or do the work on your own.

Professionals are a lot of experience when it comes to addressing smoke damage, and they also have access to high-quality equipment. Unless the damage is severe, you may be better off getting rid of the problem on your own.

The first step will be to get rid of the black marks that smoke damage leaves on your walls. You can do this with a powerful cleaning solution called TSP. Mix it with water, scrub your walls, then rinse it off and scrub again.

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You’ll also need to get rid of any blistering the smoke has caused. Use a putty knife to scrape away the blister, then sand the area down. Fill in the gaps with spackle, and then sand the area again until it’s flush with the wall.

To eliminate odors, air out the house completely. Open all of the windows, and use fans to help the air circulate. Do this as frequently as you can. You should also use a high-strength odor remover like Odoban. This can help you to get rid of bad smells for good. Read some more fire and smoke damage tips here.

Tackling smoke damage cleanup takes a lot of work. It’s likely that you’ll spend many days scrubbing and cleaning your home. However, all your efforts will be worthwhile, your home will look and smell like new again. Put in the effort, and you’ll get results.

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The Restoration Process: What Happens During Damage Cleanup

When water, fire, or a storm damages your home, the results can be devastating. Homeowners have to deal with contacting insurance companies, finding a place to stay, and securing a restoration contractor to start the process of repair. Hiring a GTA licensed, certified, and experienced crew of technicians is the best option. A reputable company can navigate the damage and begin work on the project in a timely manner so that you and your family can get back to your normal as soon as possible.


Before any work can begin on your home, a thorough assessment must be performed to determine the stability of the home, and the amount of damage done. Although fire, water, and storms, cause the same type of damage, the process is still the same. A contractor looks at both the surface damage and what has occurred under the flooring and behind the walls. Once the destruction has been identified, a full report is then given to the homeowner. The technician offers the best possible long-term solution that is affordable and efficient.


On the day of cleanup, the team of cleaning technicians arrives with all tools and equipment necessary to begin the work. All the affected items are removed. These items may include drywall, framework, flooring, furniture, and electrical wiring. Although the workers will remove much of the damage, they will try to salvage as much as possible. For instance, they will attempt to keep as much of the structure of the home as intact as possible. The framework can be treated and tiling can be re-grouted and sealed. The goal is to fully restore the inside of the home to maintain its structural integrity and market value.

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The contractor now restores the home. The objective is to recreate the home exactly as it looked before the damage. Quality materials are brought in to install. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the company will have to look at redesigning the interior instead of replicating it. In either case, the home should be fully restored and safe to live in for several decades. As a homeowner, you do not want to hire cheap labor or cheap materials. This will only cause you more headaches and financial stress down the road. Treat your home to high-quality materials and a reputable contractor that can bring your home back to life. You’ll be glad you did!

If you are looking for a water & flood restoration company in Toronto or the surrounding GTA, then contact IBX Services at +1 416 252 5959 or email us at [email protected].

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Why Immediate Fire Damage Restoration is So Important

When a fire occurs in a home, the aftermath can seem overwhelming, and if fire restoration is postponed, the destruction from smoke damage can become even worse. The longer you wait to address the damage, the more repairs you’ll have to fix – which means you’ll most likely have a larger bill for damages when all is said and done. You can avoid costly repairs and long-term issues if you make fire damage restoration a priority and follow the steps you’ll need to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

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Contact a Fire Damage Restoration Service 

First, and foremost – and this is the most important step – find a fire restoration contractor who can assess the damage, give you an estimate on costs and start the cleanup process. Contact your home insurance company to make them aware of the fire and ask them for referrals for reliable businesses in your area. It’s essential that you enlist the help of a licensed and insured fire damage restoration company to reduce the risk of further damage to your home. They are trained to handle this type of damage and many will perform some of the following steps to help get you through the initial fire cleanup:

  • Smoke and fire damage restoration services will try to save as many of your home and personal belongings (such as appliances, furniture, and clothing) as they can.
  • Document everything they remove from your home by taking pictures and/or keeping written records.
  • Return any salvageable furniture and appliances back to your home, after the fire restoration is complete.
  • Work quickly and carefully to get you back in your home as soon as possible, and stay in contact with you to make sure the repairs were done correctly and your home isn’t experiencing any other problems.

Be sure to go through your home insurance company when hiring a fire damage restoration service, or do a thorough background check if you choose one on your own to make sure they are licensed and insured. Be wary of “fire chasing” contractors who target victims of house fires and pressure them into signing expensive repair contracts, perform extremely low-quality repair work, and might not be licensed or insured.

Start Fire Cleanup Right Away

While it’s best to have a qualified fire restoration company handle the smoke damage restoration, there are some small tasks you can do to help minimize the initial damage before the professionals come in to do the major cleanup. Remember that safety comes first, so if there’s no way to safely gain access into your home, then stay out until the professionals arrive. If it is possible to enter your house, make sure you’re wearing work gloves, long sleeves/pants, and proper respiratory protection, such as a mask because exposure to soot can cause respiratory problems and other medical issues.

  • VENTILATION – Open all the windows and air out the house as much (and as often) as possible. Use box fans to force out dust and contaminated air. Fire damage restoration professionals will use industrial-strength fans and other air-moving equipment to help reduce the smoke damage your home has been subjected to, but in the meantime, proper ventilation is key to helping remove a lot of the polluted (and unsafe) air.
  • CLEANING – Scrub all surfaces (and inside cabinets and drawers) with soap and water. You can also use an alkaline cleaner, which neutralizes the acid that’s found in soot to help cut down on the smoky smell. Counteractants—chemicals used to break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors—may be used, but it’s best left to the professionals to handle such products.
  • LAUNDRY – Wash all bedding, clothing, curtains, and items that can be machine washed with an alkaline cleaner (you may have to wash items more than once). Delicate fabrics will need to be professionally dry cleaned by someone who is familiar with articles that have smoke damage. Only use washers and dryers that haven’t been exposed to smoke or experienced significant fire damage.

Professional smoke removal and restoration companies will perform a thorough cleanup using industrial-grade products and equipment, such as dry cleaning soot sponges to remove loose soot and specialized vacuum filters to clean carpet and upholstery.

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Prolonged Smoke Damage

Fire damage is tricky because some signs are apparent—such as discoloration on walls and ceilings and dark stains from smoke on surfaces—but others are not, such as odors trapped in hidden places. Air conditioner vents, the space behind walls, and the outside walls of your home are all areas where ash and soot can be deposited and continue to cause damage if they aren’t taken care of in a timely manner.

Make sure to have the HVAC system, attic/roof, and exterior walls inspected and properly cleaned, too, because your home will continue to suffer from smoke damage until the soot is completely removed by a fire damage restoration service.

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Temporary Fencing Services

Temporary Fencing

The perfect solution when fencing is temporary fencing without the need of a permanent installation. A time and money saver, the temporary fence has many uses in the construction industry and can easily be taken down and put up in minutes by as little as two men. This comes in handy for jobs that are constantly changing locations.

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IBX Services provides a variety of quality temporary fencing for construction sites, vacant sites, and during emergency disaster situations. Properties that have suffered damages due to fire, flood, storm, destruction, wind require immediate attention and response to secure the safety of everyone around and ensure equipment and site security. At IBX Services, safety is of utmost importance, therefore we extend our services and answer to your fencing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Temporary fencing creates a safety net to properties to avoid further liability damage from property destruction, vandalism, and robbery.

It is also the perfect solution for all types of events.

It can be used for fairs, festivals, sporting events, musical concerts, and shows. A temporary fence can create special spaces in events for security, crowd control, or even special VIP areas.temporary fencing

Fencing comes in various designs and colors that help keep the space appealing in addition to protecting all kinds of spaces.


Temporary fencing performs a multitude of services for outdoor events. Regardless of whether you are organizing an outdoor festival, concert, sporting event, or you need to enclose a temporary construction site, temporary fencing may be just what you need.
If you are searching for a high-quality temporary fencing company that offers its services at an affordable price, contact Toronto’s most reliable fencing company, IBX. Call today to schedule a free, hassle-free estimate for your fencing needs.

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Perks of Temporary Fencing


Our fencing services assist with the following:


  • Theft prevention
  • Liability management
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • The crowd and access control


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