Water Damage

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Water Damage

Water is essential to life but it is also the single most destructive substance in an indoor environment. Seemingly-small leaks and puddles are usually ominous signs of greater damage lurking in less-visible areas.
Water has the unique ability to spread very quickly in the places you’d least expect following the path of less resistant. Undiscovered water can also cause fungi and bacteria to grow and develop in time, jeopardizing the health and safety of the occupants.

Our team at IBX Services is trained to address the most severe water-damage scenarios, eliminating all traces of clean, grey and black water using the latest techniques and technologies. We will help you find the water and moisture that is hidden beneath the surfaces of your building, returning your property and contents to their original condition as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Using instruments such as thermal imaging cameras
and moisture meters designed for various types of surfaces, IBX Services will ensure that all water damage has been eliminated so your losses are minimized, and your environment is once again safe, healthy and comfortable.

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