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The Best Commercial Restoration Services In Toronto

IBX Services has more than 23 years of extensive experience in the commercial restoration industry. We understand that the commercial sector is very important, that's why we provide the best commercial restoration services.

When it comes to commercial building disaster restoration, moving immediately is critical to avoid unnecessary property and revenue loss. We recognize that each of our commercial clients’ needs is distinct, which is why we offer custom-tailored solutions that are most suited to your circumstances. Our team is committed to delivering the finest help possible and is well-equipped to deal with any major crisis. Following a calamity, a certified project manager and team are assigned.

Our main objectives are:

  1. Determining the structural integrity of your home
  2. Assist you in getting back to running your company as soon as possible.
  3. After a disaster, provide trustworthy guidance to put you on the proper route.
  4. Provide cost-effective catastrophe recovery services.
  5. We collaborate with your adjuster if the situation is classified as an insurance claim.
Toronto's Most Comprehensive Commercial Restoration Services

When it comes to disaster commercial restoration services, we can help with everything from:


Commercial Water Damage

We have a skilled team and dedicated project manager to analyze the situation and give 24/7 emergency support during flooding occurrences because leaks and flooding can cause substantial damage. To skillfully alleviate the problem, we are well-trained in the best flood control and water damage repair procedures.


Commercial Fire Damage

IBX Services can assist with cleanup, repair, and restoration services whether the incident occurred in your workplace or on the premises of your office. We have the experience, training, and resources to deal with business fire damage. We will respond quickly to analyze the site's state and offer and implement the best solutions for removing soot, and odor, and improving air quality in your business.


Commercial Mould Removal

For more than 23 years IBX Services has worked with commercial businesses to minimize any unnecessary loss while keeping things private. We recognize that a mold problem in your business does not have to be known to your neighbors. The knowledge of qualified and registered professionals is required for proper mold removal in Toronto. We offer commercial property owners complete mold removal and cleanup services, including detecting damaged areas, cleaning, sanitization, and remediation.


Commercial Asbestos Removal

Early detection of asbestos allows for quick and long-term asbestos removal. To provide commercial asbestos removal services, we have a skilled and qualified staff. We use industry best practices to ensure that asbestos is entirely removed from your workplace.


Complete Residential General Contracting services

For property damage repair and restoration, our emergency response services are designed to deal with all types of calamities and risks. We have specialists that have been trained to act promptly and come up with the finest answers for the problem at hand.

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We provide disaster commercial restoration services to a wide range of industries, including hotels and restaurants, retail outlets, department stores, and healthcare facilities:

  1. Thorough Clean-Up
    We have the knowledge and resources to assess the damage and devise the most effective solutions for restoring your commercial property.
  2. Qualified Technicians and Staff
    We have highly educated restoration professionals on staff who are equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to manage any disaster. To execute the repair, cleanup, and restoration services, they are completely qualified, trained, and insured.
  3. Constant Communication
    At all levels, we believe in maintaining transparency. We’ll keep in touch with you and your insurance agents on a frequent basis. We’ll also keep you up to date on the work’s progress so you’re aware of what’s going on at all times.
  4. Standardized Procedure
    While providing services to our clients, we believe in keeping meticulous records. We have professionals who have completed IICRC training and can deliver dependable services.

We have over 23 years of experience in the commercial restoration services as IBX Services. In the Greater Toronto Area, we provide repair and restoration services. We will do everything possible to restore your commercial property’s structural integrity.

Choose The Right Commercial Restoration Company in GTA

When it comes to commercial restoration services, it is the leading restoration company. When you have a need for restoration or reconstruction, the last thing you want to worry about is calling and managing various repair workers while running your business. We’ll work with your insurance company to assist you in the commercial restoration process.

IBX Services has qualified and experienced technicians who are dedicated to providing high-quality service. Inspection and estimate, mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction are all part of our full-service process.