Commercial General Contracting Across the GTA

If you had your commercial property damaged by water or fire damage it’s impossible to arrange to finance and obtain the necessary building permits without the help of a certified general contractor. Commercial construction projects are also fraught with dangers. A professional general contractor can assist you with commercial general contracting and safeguarding your investment. IBX Services is a leading general contractor in the GTA specializing in commercial projects. We have many years of experience in the construction industry with so many satisfied customers that keep choosing us for every emergency service. 

Here are a few things that make us stand out from another commercial general contractors:

  • The ability to pay close attention to small details.
  • Comprehensive understanding of planning and estimating software applications.
  • Leadership and project management abilities,
  • Comprehensive understanding of the legal framework that governs the commercial building industry.
  • Technical abilities to conduct essential project analysis and evaluation, as well as build effective corrective action plans.

Benefits of Hiring IBX Services for Commercial General Contracting

If left unattended water damage can cause your property long-term issues such as mold growth, bacteria, and an unpleasant odor. A fast response would be just great. IBX Services is always ready to assist you! With just one call we arrive at your place within 30 minutes. 

For our commercial water damage restoration we follow six steps:


Safety Assurance

By simply checking whether a contractor is licensed and bonded, commercial property owners may quickly determine whether contractors have a track record of reliability. We are fully licensed and our team is fully trained.


Top-Notch Organization

IBX Services has an in-depth understanding of site management and will ensure that everything runs well during the commercial project's building, restoration, remodeling, or refurbishment. We make sure the project is finished on schedule and according to the client's specifications. This can only be accomplished with good project documentation and planning.



As a general commercial contractor with experience and knowledge, we can guarantee that resources are allocated and used effectively during projects. Their problem-solving and budgeting abilities ensure that project deadlines are fulfilled and that no resources are squandered.


Quality is ensured

Investing in a reputable general commercial contractor, whether for a building, renovation, or remodeling project, usually yields gratifying results. Our team understands the importance of customer satisfaction to our reputation and will go to great lengths to guarantee that our customers get their money's worth. IBX Services makes sure that the commercial project we're working on is up to date in terms of building codes and trends in the area.

Choose IBX Services for Commercial General Contracting Services

As the leading general contractor in the GTA, we have the necessary experience and the proper equipment to provide you with secure and reliable commercial general contracting services. We make a great combination of quick, detailed quotes, prompt service, and professional work to help your commercial property get back on track as soon as possible. Our commercial general contracting process is fast and thorough and the final restoration results will be outstanding.