Cleaning And Disinfecting Services Across The GTA

As The Leading Cleaning And Disinfecting Restoration Company We Are Committed To Providing Our Clients With The Best Services.

Our main priority at IBX Services is to maintain a clean and healthy environment in our customers’ properties. With over 23  years of experience in the restoration industry, our trained cleaning and disinfecting experts in Toronto use advanced techniques and processes to make sure no corner is left uncleaned. We provide you with the best cleaning and disinfecting services in Toronto giving you back time and peace of mind by eliminating the risk of developing infections on your home’s surfaces.

Creating a secure environment for both employees and clients has never been more crucial than it is right now. Viral and bacterial infections offer an ongoing, undetected threat to your health. We’ve continually gone above and beyond our customers’ cleaning expectations for more than two decades, delivering high-quality, professional commercial cleaning services across the GTA.

Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services Toronto

IBX Services is the leading restoration company in Toronto and is specialized as well in cleaning and disinfecting services. Our cleaning and disinfecting services in Toronto include residential and commercial services. Protecting visitors to your institution against germs and bacteria that can spread swiftly from one person to the next is more important than ever.

Our cleaning experts in Toronto are fully trained to eradicate infections using the best cleaning products recommended by top government agencies

We also provide your house with the most cutting-edge cleaning and disinfection technology in Toronto. In your house, our professional team combines the power of cleaning and disinfection services. Our multi-surface cleaning solution with electrolyzed water is ideal for removing oil and debris from your home’s surfaces.

IBX cleaning & disinfecting services

Customized Cleaning And Disinfecting Services Tailored To Your Home And Business

IBX Services provides adjustable levels of protection for your business, allowing you to adapt your disinfection needs. Our services may be tailored to your needs, whether you require extended surface disinfection and air filtration or a more straightforward approach to match your facility’s hectic schedule


Multiple Facility Types

Our cleaning personnel have experience working with a wide range of facilities and industries and will work with you to suit your needs. You can rest assured that our team can bring your property to the previous situation.


Our Services, Your Schedule

We'll get to know your space and devise a cleaning and disinfecting strategy that's personalized to your needs. Our cleaning services can be planned for the days, hours, and intervals that work best for you and your company.


Save Time & Money

Outsourcing your cleaning services can help you cut costs and cut cleaning time by up to 25% while maintaining a clean, disinfected atmosphere.

Our Cleaning And Disinfecting Process In Toronto

  1. When we start with the cleaning process in Toronto we remove any objects, such as documentation and artwork, that could be harmed by moisture.
  2. All food items and medications MUST be removed from the area.
  3. Food utensils and containers should be stored in cupboards or drawers.
  4. Plastic should be used to cover all electrical equipment (e.g. TVs and computers).
  5. All heating and cooling systems, as well as pilot lights, must be turned off.
  6. All smoke detectors must be turned off or hidden.
  7. All smoke detectors must be deactivated or covered.
  8. Please make sure that our technicians have clear access and that any trip hazards are removed.

Contact IBX Services For The Best Cleaning And Disinfecting Services In Toronto

There are numerous reasons to hire a professional cleaning and disinfecting restoration company, but the firm you select is crucial. At IBX Services,  we offer the best cleaning and disinfecting services dedicated to putting the needs of our customers first. That’s why our customers continue to rely on our industry knowledge, as well as our painstaking attention to detail, inexpensive pricing, and ease of online quotes and booking when it comes to cleaning their property. IBX Services employs enhanced cleaning and disinfecting services as well as the best-in-class disinfection techniques in Toronto providing our customers with a clean and safe property.

Once our team arrives at your property you can rest assured that your property will get the best cleaning and disinfecting services. Get in touch with us today!