Professional Media Blasting Services In Toronto

IBX Services Offers A Variety Of Media Blasting Services To Meet Your Needs

Professional media blasting services to remove rust and other surface impurities before powder coating are frequently used to achieve superior powder coating adherence and final coating outcomes.

Professional media blasting is a specialty of IBX Services, which is essential to their full-service industrial powder coating business. Our company, based in Toronto works with businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the GTA.

As with Soda Blasting, media blasting is a less abrasive and safer alternative to sandblasting. While sandblasting has its uses, it is frequently too abrasive for many sensitive surfaces. Sand particles can create scratches and permanently damage materials including wood, aluminum, and plastic if not handled properly.

Media blasting, also known as sandblasting, is a mechanical process that is used to etch or add an anchor pattern profile to a surface in order to prepare it for coating adherence for downstream finishing applications such as powder coat or paint. This process determines the quality, durability, and lifetime of downstream finishing. We prepare the surface for the restoration process’s next steps.

What Can You Expect From Our Blasting Media Services?

  • Excellent Results. The best media blasting services in the GTA
  • High-Quality surface preparation and finish workmanship
  • Exceptional Customer Service at Every Turn
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unparalleled Expertise
  • Solutions Driven Approach

The size and complexity of your project will decide the pricing. We understand how critical outstanding surface preparation is to the final look and feel of powder-coated projects of all sizes — and we won’t settle for anything less. You shouldn’t either.

When it comes to media blasting, we use a triple threat: high-quality media blasting systems, trained professional blasting experts, and aluminum oxide blast media to continuously provide top-quality outcomes for our customers’ projects. When you call IBX, we’ll examine your building or structure and offer the optimum type of media blasting for you. We also provide graffiti removal services, as well as an anti-graffiti coating to protect surfaces from additional harm.

If you need sandblasting, other media blasting, cleaning, or coating removal for your project, we are the company to call.

Materials Suitable for Media Blasting

  1. Metal
  2. Steel
  3. Iron
  4. Aluminum
  5. Magnesium
  6. Copper
  7. Brass
  8. Fiberglass
  9. Carbon Fiber
  10. Composite Bumper

Contact Our Restoration Company For Media Blasting Services

As one of Ontario’s best specialty media blasting companies, we have the capacity to perform everything from modest on-site or shop blasting projects to big plant coating removal/cleaning projects. From a professional blast booth, multiple blast pots, a vast inventory of varied blast media, and enormous compressors to the talent, credentials, and financial resources to tie it all together, we have the resources to manage your projects.

We are the company to call if you need sandblasting, other media blasting, cleaning, or coating removal for your project.