Temporary Fencing Services Across the GTA

IBX Services Provides Temporary Fencing Solutions to Commercial and Residential Properties Across the GTA.

During the long process of inspection, cleanup, and restoration after an emergency service, it is very important to maintain a safe surrounding environment. With fallen power lines, weakened roads and bridges, and ruined commercial and private property, perimeter security is essential for assessing damage and regaining control of the situation. Chain link fencing and barricades are an excellent temporary option. 

IBX Services supplies and installs a wide variety of temporary fencing for your residential and commercial property. When it comes to perimeter security and crowd control IBX Services offers the best and most secure temporary fencing solutions.

IBX temporary fencing services

IBX Services Offers Strong And Durable Temporary Fencing

When a property has been damaged by fire, flood, storm, destruction, or wind it is necessary to secure the perimeter of the affected area. When a fence is required on a short-term basis for venue division for major outdoor events, parking lots, or public restrictions on industrial work sites, temporary fencing is a useful, low-cost alternative. Temporary fencing services are the best and most effective way to safeguard everyone’s safety and the security of equipment. 

IBX Services offers a wide range of high-quality temporary fences for building sites, vacant lots, and disaster relief scenarios. 

Temporary fencing services are the best and most effective way to safeguard everyone’s safety and the security of equipment. Our professional team understands the importance of delivering a high-quality service that meets your needs whatever the size of the restoration process. We are committed to providing the best temporary fencing services and excellent customer service. We want to assist you and help you get through every type of emergency service. 

Our temporary fencing is great for household, commercial, industrial building, demolition, restoration, extensions, landscaping, and enclosures. It is designed to be easily constructed while providing a robust and secure barrier around your site.

Our installers will make certain that your site is secure and that the temporary fencing complies with all industry regulations. We are well-versed in all regulatory requirements and can quickly respond to any changes. We provide you with the highest quality of temporary fencing that can be complemented with other goods to ensure the barrier’s strength and longevity. IBX Services provides a variety of temporary fencing alternatives, including customized set-ups and temporary fence rental.

Hire IBX Services For Fast, Safe, and Effective Temporary Fencing Services

With more than 23 years in the restoration industry, IBX Services has assisted thousands of residential and commercial properties with temporary fencing services. We offer a wide variety of temporary fencing starting with security fencing, temporary fencing for a construction site, special event fencing, privacy fencing, and crowd control fencing. 

IBX Services can also supply barricades to help with crowd control and/or security. Our restoration team can easily deliver temporary fencing panels right to your location.  

In today’s world, risk management is vital, and combining event barricade rentals with a temporary fence can drastically reduce risks. Get in touch with IBX Services for the best temporary fencing services in Toronto and the GTA.