Fire Damage Restoration Services In Canada

Fire Damage Restoration Is A Major Project, And IBX Services Understands That You Want It Done Right The First Time

There are no two fires alike, and fire and smoke damage can cause more than just physical harm. Temperatures, household items, building construction methods and materials, as well as the length of time that the fire or smoke was left untreated, all influence the contaminants involved in a fire. These factors, as well as the cause of the fire, might have an impact on the fire damage restoration process.

A fire can have disastrous repercussions for a home or business. When it comes to dealing with the aftermath, time is of the essence, since the impact is likely to be severe if you do not respond immediately.

The Significance Of Restoring Fire Damage As Soon As Possible

Fire damage causes corrosion, which, if not addressed early, might reduce the restoration success rate. To avoid more damage and maintain the possibility of fire damage restoration over replacement, decontamination must be prioritized during the fire’s stabilization phase.

Higher fire restoration expenses and a longer claim life cycle are associated with more damage, which may necessitate the requirement for a home or company to be empty for an extended length of time. IBX Services’ top objective is to bring people’s lives back to normal as quickly as possible, which means that quick action after a fire is critical to doing this.

IBX Fire Damage Services

A Fire Damage Restoration Process in 5 Steps


The Business That Specializes In Fire Damage Restoration Is Notified

After emergency personnel has finished putting out the fire and investigating the cause, the restoration firm is informed as soon as possible. The restoration business can proceed once the emergency services have certified the property safe to enter.


Assessment Of The Situation

The restoration firm and loss adjusters conduct an evaluation to establish the amount of the property and contents damage. This process determines the path that will be taken to restore the property, as well as the costs and time frame that will be involved.


Prevent Further Damage

First and foremost, steps will be made to prevent future damage. If there is a water leak, for example, the cause must be discovered and addressed before fire decontamination can begin.


Decontamination Of Smoke, Dust, And Soot

The decontamination of smoke, dust, and soot will be the first step in the fire damage repair. Pressure washing, air scrubbing/cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, or thermal odor removal are some options. Damaged furniture will be removed and decontaminated, or disposed of if it cannot be repaired.


Contents And Property Restoration

The contents and property will then be restored following the fire. The first aim will be to restore and rehabilitate the property as closely as feasible to its pre-fire state, without the need for replacement.

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IBX Services has extensive experience in restoring buildings and contents after fires and has decontaminated thousands of properties ranging from tiny rooms to big supermarkets and offices. Fire damage activities usually result in soot, smoke, water damage, and floods in addition to fire damage restoration. Our team is highly qualified and equipped to assist you in restoring your property through this challenging period. We’ll also walk you through every step of the process and provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for your home insurance claim.

In any crisis event, speed is critical, and we feel that the sooner you can have a team of specialized restorers on the scene, the more likely the loss/risk will be significantly reduced.