The main effects of smoke and fire can be devastating and threatening for Toronto homeowners. IBX Services fire damage restoration Toronto provides expert restoration and cleaning services to any property in based Toronto that has suffered smoke or fire damage.

Main Factors of Fire Damage Toronto

The most important way to deal with fire damage Toronto is definitely to find fast and effective ways to prevent it in the first place. Fire commonly occurs in our homes because we have more appliances that we are likely to use for various actions. But which are these actions that we have to take care of while performing them?

  1. Cooking

Being careful in the kitchen is by far very important as we can prevent much damage because of wrongly performed actions. Starting from hot pans, boiling water, sharp knives and many more, the potential danger is highly likely to occur within seconds. Cooking accidents can result in threatening fires that will occur due to kitchen appliances such as ovens, microwaves, toaster ovens, hot plates, etc. Electric and gas ranges account for up to 62% of risky kitchen fires. 

  1. Heating

High heat can cause tremendous damage to properties and can also easily be identified as physical damage, blistering or char. Damages caused by heating can happen to surfaces and other types of materials that have a much lower temperature. Moreover, furnaces and fireplaces can pose serious risks if they are closed to things that are likely to catch fire.

  1. Smoking

Cigarettes and lighters indicate another common cause of fire damage. Smokers have to be very careful and responsible because if they drop a lit cigarette it will cause a blaze that will spread throughout the whole house. The best way to prevent such fires is to smoke outside of the home.

  1. Candles

Over the years candles have been used a lot as they add a relaxing touch to our home atmosphere. Unfortunately, candles do not only offer relaxation and positivity but they can be a source of serious fire damage as they are often positioned to materials that can catch fire.

  1. Electrical Cause

This is one of the common fire damage Toronto. Electrical fires can be caused due to:

  • old, outdated and faulty appliances and outlets
  • light fixtures such as installing a bulb with high wattage
  • extension cords because appliances should directly be plugged into an outlet and not into an extension 
  • Space heaters are often portable and put too close to beds, curtains, clothing, chairs, etc.
  • Old and outdated wiring used for computers and wide-screen television connections as well as air conditioners and microwaves

Tips to prevent fire damage Toronto in your home 

  1. Place a smoke alarm on each floor of your property
  2. Schedule both services and cleaning annually for household electrical appliances
  3. Check any available extensions and avoid overloading electrical circuits

IBX Services fire damage restoration Toronto is 24/7 hours available to respond to your emergency and give instant solutions to fire and smoke damage of both residential and commercial properties. Our expertized fire and smoke damage restoration Toronto crew who have been intensively trained for fire mitigation, restoration and control, will help you overcome this stressful situation. 

Give IBX Services a call at (416) 252-5959 for a fast fire damage restoration response!

The length of the fire damage to your property cannot be specified easily. Fire damage can vary depending on the extent of the damage. You can call IBX Services for fire damage Toronto and let them thoroughly inspect your residential or commercial property. They will apply cost and time-efficient methods that will contribute to your property’s maintenance after fire damage.

The degree of fire damage can only be specified by professionals who will manage the whole situation and constitute fixing your home’s layout and comfort level.