Commercial Water Damage Restoration Across the GTA

Having to deal with commercial water damage is very difficult and stressful. We can never predict how the water damage is going to affect your commercial property, whether it’s due to a plumbing leak, a storm, flood damage, or any other natural disaster. If your business is facing commercial water damage you should immediately seek out the help of a restoration company. As the leading restoration company in the GTA, IBX Services is always ready to assist you with commercial water damage restoration services. 

To prevent further structural damage and mold growth in your commercial building you should call IBX Services as soon as you notice the first signs of water damage to your property. Our team understands that facing commercial water damage in an unexpected moment is very traumatic. That’s why we are committed to listening to your needs and providing fast and thorough emergency service.

Our Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

If left unattended water damage can cause your property long-term issues such as mold growth, bacteria, and an unpleasant odor. A fast response would be just great. IBX Services is always ready to assist you! With just one call we arrive at your place within 30 minutes. 

For our commercial water damage restoration we follow six steps:


Find the Leak

Firstly, our team will locate and repair the leak, even if just temporarily. Before attempting to recover the water, it is critical to address the leak. After that, we can move on to fixing the problem.


Water Extraction

If left unaddressed, water inside your commercial property can cause a lot of problems. To prevent further damage and potential health risks a quick response is a must. Our restoration company has the necessary experience and the proper equipment to remove all the standing water.


Dehumidification and Drying

Our team of experts uses specialist equipment such as fans, desiccants, and dehumidifiers to complete the drying and dehumidification process. This enables us to blow dry air into contaminated regions, removing moisture from the air and reducing the chance of future harm.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Contaminants and debris are very likely to invade your business premises, especially in the event of a flood or burst sewage lines. After the water has been removed, our team cleans and disinfects the affected surfaces in a safe manner. Only in this way can we prevent mold from growing. We make a fast and thorough cleaning process so that no trace of the water damage is left.


Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Repairs

After the water has been extracted and the cleaning process is finished our team starts with the process of water damage restoration. IBX Services is the leading general contractor across the GTA and has a fully trained team that can deal with all your construction needs. Our professional reconstruction crews can handle everything from a little portion of your structure to a full-scale commercial renovation, whether replacing what we demolished, beginning from fresh, or cleaning it up.


Recovery of Documents and Content

The loss of essential documents due to fire damage, flooding, or another disaster can have disastrous consequences for company processes and operations. Our vacuum freeze-drying chambers enable us to dry your papers quickly, securely, and effectively, whether you're a hospital, university, government institution, or manufacturing organization.

Fast and Secure Commercial Water Damage Restoration at IBX Services

IBX Services stands out among other water damage restoration companies. We recognize that you are going through a tough moment, therefore we do everything we can to make the commercial water damage restoration procedure as simple as possible. You may rely on us to do the following:

  • Keep you informed of every step of the commercial water damage services.
  • Provide accurate quotes before we finish various stages of the restoration process.
  • Collaborate with your insurance company.
  • Be available and ready to respond 24/7

Choose IBX Services’ commercial water damage restoration experts and get back to your business faster.