Commercial Asbestos Removal Across the GTA

Asbestos and lead are dangerous elements that can accumulate in your commercial building and cause serious harm to anyone who works or lives there. To safeguard your company, you’ll need to employ a competent crew that can quickly examine and remove hazardous asbestos fibers material while minimizing downtime. IBX Services is a leading restoration company in commercial asbestos removal and lead abatement. If you suspect or have confirmed the existence of asbestos or lead in your commercial building, you must move quickly to fix the situation and protect your employees, tenants, or visitors from exposure. Our team is available 24/7 and is prepared to dispatch the appropriate personnel and equipment to begin the asbestos abatement process.

Commercial Asbestos Removal Services at IBX Services

Because asbestos and lead are both hazardous materials, they must be properly removed by a team of professionals. IBX Services is asbestos and lead abatement certified and follows all OSHA requirements as well as municipal, state, and federal legislation. Cotton GDS will arrive at your location with the most up-to-date equipment and start with the commercial asbestos removal process.

IBX Services uses the following procedure to remove asbestos safely and effectively:


The asbestos-affected areas must be safely enclosed before the asbestos-containing material can be removed. Special poly tarps are used to form a complete enclosure, as well as HEPA filters to produce negative air and keep asbestos fibers contained.


IBX takes the asbestos removal one step at a time once the enclosures have been set up. After that, trash and waste items are packaged for safe disposal, utilizing sophisticated processes. Finally, industrial HEPA vacuums are used to thoroughly clean the space.


An independent specialist conducts asbestos testing in the region to confirm the property is asbestos-free.

With a lot of restoration companies offering commercial asbestos removal, it’s very important to choose a qualified emergency service team. At IBX Services, our commercial properties asbestos experts follow strict safety protocols and restoration industry guidelines. We do our best in order to prevent any cross-contamination so that everyone is safe.

Reliable and Secure Commercial Asbestos Removal Process With IBX Services

IBX Services provides commercial asbestos removal across the GTA. Our team of experts is always ready to remove asbestos from every part of your business whether it is in the attic, around ductwork, wrapped around piping, vinyl tiles, floor vents and form plaster. If you hire IBX Services for asbestos removal you can rest assured that you will get the final results that you always wanted. Don’t risk your health! Contact IBX Services today for the complete removal of asbestos.