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Building any commercial property is a complex undertaking with many phases and components that need to be accomplished accurately, on time, and on budget. Working with a quality general contractor can make the difference between a successful result and an experience riddled with setbacks and problems. Here are some tips for selecting the best general contractor for your project:

  • Consider More Than Price – Going with the lowest bid without looking at other factors is a good way to end up with less than acceptable results. The lowest bids are from inexperienced contractors or ones that utilize substandard materials, underqualified labourers, or cut corners in other ways that undermine the quality of your project. In addition, if you base everything off that bid and they come back with numerous additional charges, you could be in financial trouble.
  • Ask for Referrals – A quality general contractor that has been in business for several years should have no difficulty providing you with referrals from previous commercial construction clients. Don’t be afraid to go look at the buildings they have constructed to observe quality and workmanship is to the standards you want for your project.
  • Ask Questions – It isn’t just about getting a detailed estimate or bid proposal — take the time to ask pertinent questions, such as years of experience, types of projects done in the past, and how much will you be kept in the loop about the progress. Asking questions also helps you develop confidence that the partnership with the general contractor you select will be advantageous for both of you.
  • Get a Detailed Proposal – The proposal you get should outline every phase and scope of the project that the general contractor will be handling. Be sure to read it over carefully to be sure it doesn’t leave out something vital.


Here at IBX services, we have served as a general contractor for a wide variety of buildings. Our more than 10 years of experience will provide you with excellent results. Give us a call today!