Asbestos Removal

What is Asbestos?

Due to its excellent insulating qualities, asbestos was prior produced in the late ’80s and it was banned in the early ’90s. Asbestos removal indicates the elimination of a group of minerals that was primarily used in building materials and it was more likely to be found in vinyl floor tiles, plastic sheeting, sheet flooring, door gaskets, and even hot water or steam pipes. 

It has also a magnificent fire retardant and fireproofing nature. Older houses appeared to be coated with asbestos fibers, blankets, or tapes.

Over the years, laws were implemented in order to minimize people’s exposure to asbestos as its effects were very risky. Unfortunately, severe diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis were discovered.

Furthermore, long periods of breathing asbestos can lead to inflammation and irritation problems and can absolutely damage both cells and DNA.

Which are the Causes of Asbestos Release?

Asbestos is claimed to be very strong as a material and has a very tiny size. In case of upcoming destruction or damage, a possible release of asbestos fibers may occur in the air and that will be very dangerous for the human organism.

People must be very careful in what materials they are going to pick asbestos is highly likely to be taken through breathing. If you smoke or have a history of smoking, asbestosis increases your risk of lung cancer. Malignant mesothelioma, a cancer of the tissues around the lungs, is a rare condition that can appear years after asbestos exposure. The likelihood of developing asbestosis is often correlated with the amount and duration of asbestos exposure. With exposure levels comes an increased risk of lung damage. Household members of exposed workers may be exposed secondhand because asbestos fibers can be transported home on garments. Asbestos fibers dispersed into the air may also be exposed to people who live close to mines.

How to prevent Asbestos Release?

You must be aware of the areas where asbestos is most likely to be found if you want to prevent exposure. Assume that something contains asbestos if you are unsure until it is proven differently. Keep in mind that merely looking at floor or ceiling tiles won’t reveal whether they contain asbestos.

The best solution for this unpleasant and risky issue is to hire a professional team who will help you identify where asbestos has occurred and other asbestos-containing materials that are used inside your house. IBX Service professionally trained team will give you the opportunity to get rid of it and return to a healthy and absolutely clean environment without the fear of getting sick.

Why choose IBX Services for Asbestos Removal?

If you have ever identified or detected any asbestos-containing materials at your home, then do not forget that you have to hire an asbestos removal professional in order to handle it. IBX Services trained team is proficient in asbestos abatement by providing excellent protective clothing to company employees and protective equipment as well, in order to ensure client safety.

This material poses numerous risks so if you have ever planned on purchasing a new house or at least insist on a renovation project for a home that was built earlier than 1980, rethink twice and protect yourself from exposure to diseases. . IBX Services asbestos removal  remediators can effectively dispose of asbestos and maintain occupational health and safety. Their main objective is to bring back a healthy environment and work area,  without releasing any toxic air pollutants to their customers.

Wholesome and good conditions will always be beneficial for all of us so we have to address the right and qualified people if we want to handle asbestos removal problems.  

We must pay attention and find personal protective ways to save our families and beloved ones.


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