Fire damage is a big problem because, in most cases is followed by soot, water damage, or smoke damage. So you have to find a fire damage restoration company to help you and prevent other risks that may happen.

Choose Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company 

IBX Services is a fire damage restoration company that has more than 15 years of experience and contents following fire emergencies to save and help thousands of people and areas. IBX Services is professionally trained and equipped to help you restore your property and aid you through this very difficult time. We will also assist you with every step required documentation for your house insurance claim.

Remodeling House After a Fire Damage

A fire is a disaster, especially when touched by many things and furniture in the house. Remodelling your house after a fire can feel overwhelming, to say the least. So it is essential to choose a contractor that does house remodelling. They know what trends, styles, and planning needed to make sure it is a success.

Tips to ensure and to find the best contractor for modelling the house:

  • We recommended you to choose a good contractor, not just a restoration contractor.
  • Ensure the insurance adjuster has estimated your losses in the correct form.
  • Don’t get in a hurry- most house remodels take time. You have to make your project correctly so be patient.
  • Relax the best you can and ask all the questions you may have. Even if your contractor doesn’t have all the answers right away – make sure to ask them so that everyone is on the same page while your home is put back together.

When a fire happens, the immediate thing to do is calling us. Fast response is of utmost importance in any disaster like a fire damage situation. So don’t lose time. As quickly as you call, as much you save your house. Make us a call at +1-416-252-5959. We will be your best partner!


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