Mould removal is considered a hydraulic emergency.

What are the top five mould-related questions? Read on to find out.

While mould can be helpful in certain cases, such as in the case of cheese, it is definitely not helpful in your home. If you have mould problems in your home, you may be looking for mould removal. Mould is caused by excess moisture and lack of ventilation. The fungus is dangerous because it contains mycotoxins that can cause many harmful health effects. The best way to deal with mould is to prevent it from happening at all with adequate ventilation. While it is technically possible to remove the mould yourself, it is best to leave it to a professional such as an emergency plumber. Mould removal can be a bit expensive, but it is an emergency plumbing issue that needs to be fixed right away. Read on to learn more about the dangers of mould, how to prevent mould, if it is possible to remove mould yourself, and how much it usually costs to remove mould.

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What causes mould?

Mould develops when there is an overly wet environment. This is often caused by inaccurate ventilation and high or uncontrolled humidity. It’s important to choose quality ventilation to help prevent mould growth; cross ventilation is most effective at controlling humidity.  60% humidity or more is considered a high humidity level. Anything at or above this level will provide ideal conditions for mould to grow.

Why is mould dangerous?

Mould, in many cases, can be toxic. Many types of mould produce mycotoxins – which are toxins that can be released into the air. Mycotoxins can cause a range of health problems and are considered a serious health threat by the World Health Organization. The effects of mycotoxins can range from short-term acute mycotoxin poisoning to long-term health effects such as immunodeficiency or cancer.

If you suspect you have mould, it is important to call a mould removal service or an emergency plumber right away.

How can it be prevented?

One way to prevent mould growth is by using a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a gadget that measures humidity. Hygrometers can easily be bought online at a low cost. You can also buy specialized equipment called mould alarms if you want to be extremely safe.

Can I complete mould removal myself?

Technically, yes, you can. Although, it’s extremely dangerous and requires very specific procedures. The best mould removal is done by an expert that has the experience, education, certifications, and equipment. Unless you have no other choice, or you have the experience, do not remove mould yourself.

How much does mould removal cost?

Mould removal costs vary depending on your location. Mould removal in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area, starts at $500 and goes up depending on severity. The cost may be a deterrent but remember that mycotoxins (which are produced by mould) can cause severe health problems. You should never wait on mould removal services.

How much does mould removal take?

Mould removal costs vary depending on your location. Mould removal in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area, starts at $ 500 and increases depending on the severity. The cost can be a deterrent but remember that mycotoxins (which are produced by mould) can cause serious health problems. You should never wait for mould removal services.


A high level of humidity can cause mould in the home. Several different factors can lead to a high level of humidity in the home, including where the house is located, if the house heats up in winter (and how much), and if humidity often gets trapped inside. An example of a case where moisture is trapped inside the house is after a long shower with the windows closed. Condensation is also a factor, especially in winter. Temperature differences between the house and the outdoors can cause condensation, which will increase the humidity of the house.


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