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window mold growth

During the winter you will frequently find moisture around your windows and this is a result of condensation. This moisture drips to the bottom of the windows, damages the drywall nearby, and promotes unpleasant window mold growth.

Black mold around your windows is extremely unattractive and harmful to your health.

Mold tends to consume the window frames and can also harm your windows. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have any mold on your window frame removed as soon as possible.

In case you are dealing with black mold stains, especially on your window sills, you are most probably searching for effective ways to remove them and overcome this overwhelming and stressful situation.

IBX Services, a licensed and fully certified restoration company, can help offer trustworthy and high-quality mold removal services and transform your home into a healthy environment. Our mold remediators will apply the ideal methods and products to clean up all the mold-affected areas.

Which are the main causes of black mold on window sills?

There are plenty of reasons why mold may be growing on window sills, but one of the most important is moisture which generally comes from condensation or leaks. Kitchen and bathroom windows are more prone to mold growth.

If you properly clean your window frames without considering the source of the moisture, you will have to clean them again whenever the mold shows up. After some time, if this keeps happening, the mold will eventually ruin your windows. Additionally, mold spores released during cleaning may irritate your eyes, skin, or lungs, as well as negatively impact your nervous system.

You should identify the source of moisture on your windowsill and address it to professionals to prevent upcoming structural damage or mold-related health issues. 

The following are a few typical sources of moisture that can encourage mold growth on your window frames:

  • Faulty heating
  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking roof 
  • Damaged window frames
  • Moisture 
  • Stream from showers or cooking
  •  Rising damp
  • Inadequate airflow

Why does mold commonly grow around windows in the winter?

Because of the increase in humidity and condensation, mold tends to grow and expand around windows mainly in the winter. Warm indoor air can consolidate around drafty, cold windows, causing them to “sweat” with moisture. Poor window seals or inadequate ventilation may also result in overwhelming mold-growth.

If you don’t regularly dust in between your glass panes, organic material could build up in the dust and cause mold to grow.

You must maintain a clean joint between your glass, wood or aluminum frame to stop mold from growing between double-pane windows. This includes preventing dust and moisture growth, both promoting rapid mold expansion.

The most effective thing you have to do is to regularly clean these areas of your window. Also by resetting the humidifier and removing any indoor plants, you should consider lowering the humidity levels in your home.

Can window mold make you sick?

Inhaling mold spores can make your allergies or asthma symptoms worse.  Mold exposure can make people sick and cause irritating symptoms like itchy eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs even if they don’t have allergies to mold.

You may experience the following symptoms:

  • Watery& Itchy eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Shortness of breath
  • Red eyes
  • Cough
  • Running nose

Can mold grow when windows are left open?

By letting damp air and moisture into the house during a rainy or snowy season, opening windows can promote the growth of mold. When the weather is dry, leaving your windows open for about 30 minutes would be beneficial and encourage natural ventilation and lower the risk of mold growth. Utilize exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchens. As they vent outside the house, they aid in proper ventilation. 

If your windows already have mold on them, keeping the windows open will let dry air in and get rid of the dim, moist surroundings that encourage mold growth. But it is advised to better deal with the mold rather than opening your windows and waiting for mold to disappear. 

However, it would be beneficial if you pay special attention to the weather condition and then decide if open windows would be a safe option.

Should you remove the mold by yourself from your windowsill?

Mold can be more than just a hassle around the house. It can harm a house, pose severe risks to the people living inside, and degrade the home’s air quality. Eliminating the moist or humid conditions that are causing mold growth is the best thing you can do for your window sills.

However, DIY techniques, mold removal kits or other homemade cleaning products cannot eliminate mold growth. You may be cleaning the affected areas very frequently but mold will appear again and again. 

To get rid of mold growth you should hire professional mold growth remediators who will perform several mold tests and apply expertized mold removal techniques. 

In case you are currently dealing with this emergency feel free to contact IBX Services mold removal company either by calling them at (416) 252-5959 or writing them a detailed prescription of your emergency to [email protected]. Our mold removal experts will come immediately to your property and handle the whole situation.