Mold is a fungus that has the ability to grow everywhere and cause overwhelming damage to both people and properties. Mold and mildew growth can be disastrous for a human’s respiratory system as toxic mold spores can freely enter our organism when inhaled.

Immediate action must be taken to reduce the chance of mold evolving in our home spaces.

The best way to get rid of mold and related toxic bacteria is by hiring well-trained professionals that have the required and advanced equipment for this type of emergency.

IBX Services mold removal Oshawa offers trustworthy mold removal services to homeowners that deal with tremendous damages from mold growth. You can call (416) 252-5959 and take instant support for your problem.

How is mold shown?

People have the ability to identify mold but they need to learn the difference between fungus and mold. Mold can be seen in various colors such as green, yellow and black.

  1. Green Mold

One of the most dangerous types of mold that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Warm environments and moisture are the key factors of making green mold powerful and less easy to remove. It can be found in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms or around water-damaged building materials. It can be hazardous if people with allergies and respiratory problems are properly exposed to it. If you think that your home is affected by green mold then feel free to address your problem with our mold removal crew in Oshawa and get rid of it as soon as possible.

  1. Yellow Mold

Yellow mold is a type of fungus and, as a living organism, requires oxygen and moisture to survive. It also tends to release mold spores very easily into the air. You have to check the warmer or cooler spaces of your home as they may be the ‘ideal’ environment for a yellow mold infestation. Furthermore, mold does not need any sunlight to live as its best living environment is dark and humid spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, even walls and attics in case of water damage.

  1. Black Mold

Black Mold can quickly grow on wood, cotton and paper products. It can produce toxic chemicals and it can be identified from its black or greenish color. In the case of black mold inhaling, many risks can be raised such as asthma, hypersensitivities and allergies. Black mold symptoms are also known as ‘ toxic’ mold syndrome. To protect yourself and your family’s health from black mold, hire professionals with a master’s in mold removal Oshawa services and continue living in a healthy place. 

Which are some Mold Removal Oshawa Tips?

What TO DO in case of Mold Growth

  • Check for plumbing leaks
  • Do not ignore mold
  • Look for outside leaks
  • Identify if it is mold or dirt
  • Use mould-resistant building materials
  • In case of mold growth then call mold removal Oshawa professionals.

What NOT TO DO in case of Mold Growth

  • Painting over mold
  • Assume that bleach will kill mold growth
  • Try to restore items that are affected by mold
  • Spread mold to other areas
  • Expose yourself to dangerous and harmful mold
  • Use DIY techniques to clean up the mold-infected areas

Which are the 5 steps of professional mold removal?

IBX Services’ trustworthy mold removal Oshawa process contains:

  • Inspect the level of moisture and humidity in your residential or commercial property

IBX Services will perform a detailed inspection in all the areas that are affected by mold and mildew. IBX Services mold removal Oshawa crew will primarily identify the source of moisture and eliminate it with advanced technology equipment.

  • Mold Testing 

IBX Service Mold Removal Oshawa will perform mold testing in your commercial or residential  Oshawa property in order to identify specific species of mold and inform you about the level of toxicity and riskiness for your health in case of inhaling mold spores.

  • Mold Removal 

IBX Services mold removal Oshawa crew will help you with the mold removal Oshawa process and contribute to your health and wellness as well as make your property a safe place to live. 

IBX Services mold removal Oshawa professionals will also remove all visible and invisible mold growth and at the same time will reduce any further mold development. 

If you are currently dealing with mold and mildew growth you can send a detailed description of your emergency to [email protected] and have a free consultation with our experts.

Black mold is classified as a ‘nightmare’ by homeowners because it has the ability to grow and spread very fast. Your home’s air will be polluted by black spores, bacteria and mold spores which are all sources of severe health problems. Constant exposure to black mold will cause chronic and even terminal health diseases. If you want to stay away from these unpleasant issues then start asking for professional help, from IBX Services mold removal Oshawa experts, as they can be the best choice you can take. Call IBX Services at (416) 252-5959 and take instant support for your emergency!

DIY Techniques are not as efficient as well-trained mold removal Oshawa professionals. Mold tends to be very dangerous for our health and we have to pay attention to reducing proper exposure to mold growth as it can cause irreplaceable damage to our respiratory system. Professional clothing and advanced equipment are required for such removal processes. Instead of applying unsuitable DIY Techniques, it would be better to schedule an appointment for this emergency with insured and fully certified IBX Services mold removal Oshawa experts either by calling at (416) 252-5959 or by dropping a message at [email protected].