At IBX Services Mold Removal Vaughan, we provide on-site mold assessment and remediation services. Our qualified Vaughan mold inspectors can perform expertized mold inspections and air quality tests to identify and evaluate potential health problems and prevent mold growth around your house. IBX Services mold removal Vaughan services are available for commercial and residential properties throughout Vaughan.

If you are currently dealing with visible mold signs such as dark spots on walls, ceilings, or other different areas at your home, call (416) 252-5959 or write a detailed description of your emergency at [email protected] and let our Vaughan mold remediators solve your problem.

5 Common Types of Vaughan Mold

Mold spores tend to travel indoors, especially on clothing and furniture and they enter the house through leaky roofs and windows. Various porous surfaces are the ideal areas for mold spores to reproduce. In general, mold spores reproduce every 24-48 hours.

  1. Aspergillus 

Its color can appear to be gray, blue or green and its underneath color can be tan or white. It is mostly found in home air conditioning and food and it is likely to grow on wet surfaces.

It is a nontoxic type of mold but it can cause serious illness or lead to possible infections in weak immune systems. If you spot this type of mold then an upcoming clean-up is beyond necessary to save you from further problems.

  1. Alternaria

It has an extremely dark green-gray color and a velvety texture. It may be non-toxic but the issues that it causes can be tremendous.

  1. Cladosporium

This type of mold is generally known as a “pepper-like” substance and it can be identified from its black or green color. It can cause serious issues but it is non-toxic. It is highly likely to grow on painted surfaces, the back of toilets and fiberglass air ducts.

  1. Penicillium

Penicillium is one of the most toxic types of mold and is both allergenic and pathogenic. It can be easily identified due to its blue, green or yellow color and it can cause overwhelming health issues such as difficulty breathing,sinusitis and severe episodes of asthma, as it is extremely toxic.

  1. Stachybotrys Chartarum

One of the most toxic and potentially lethal types of mold as it can cause severe health problems such as fatigue, respiratory discomfort, unexplained nosebleeds and headaches. It can be identified due to its dark green mass of dots.

 If any of your family members are showing these symptoms and you are worried that your house may be black mold infested then call IBX Services mold decontamination Vaughan experts to perform the needed mold tests and help you get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Water Damage, Mold and Mildew Causes

Moisture and humidity are two major factors that contribute to severe mold growth. Mold can grow as a result of water damage in the following ways:

  • Flooding →If your residential or commercial property has faced even a little flooding event then immediately consider doing an expertized mold test. Flooding tends to create a moisture environment and mold spores can be spread freely in the air and in your home areas.
  • Leaking Roofs → Structural damage and health risks can be posed due to small roof leaks. They have also the potential to foster mold growth which can destroy your property
  • Mold growth inside the HVAC System → A mold inspection is needed if this event occurs in order to inspect any possible dampness in the air conditioner or mold growth.
  • Leaking Pipes → Mold and mildew can be caused because of leaking pipes. People often ignore them and that’s why they find moisture underfloors, ceilings and behind walls.

Common spots for Vaughan mold growth

The main fact about mold development is that, as a result of high humidity levels, it can appear anywhere in the bathroom, from the towel bars to the tile edges. You may have to pay attention to the areas listed below where mold frequently grows:

  • Sink, toilet
  • Ceilings, walls
  • Caulks and tiles
  • Bathroom windows
  • Towels
  • Curtains
  • Bathroom robes
  • Curtains
  • Showers
  • Cupboards

If you suspect any mold growth in your bathroom or anywhere in your house and you are worried about any upcoming mold growth then seek IBX Services Vaughan mold removal Vaughan services as our well-trained mold removal Vaughan crew is 24 hours available to help you and assist you for your emergency! Mold growth may seem very tricky but our Vaughan mold remediators will give an instant and cost-efficient solution to help you. 

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Vinegar is mostly used for household chores due to its efficiency in cleaning. It has antibacterial and antifungal functions and can be used to prevent or treat a light type of mold growth. The most effective solution that can give an instant result in cleaning all types of mold is by hiring a professional mold removal Vaughan crew and transforming your house into a healthy environment.

The only thing you can do by yourself is to contaminate the whole area and hire expert mold removal Vaughan professionals to do the job for you as they have advanced technology equipment to remove mold effectively.