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Fire damage at your property is not only costly but also emotionally overwhelming. Fire destroys everything within its reach. From the property to a lifetime of memories, everything burns down in flames. It is important to take the necessary measures to ensure that your property is safe from fire hazards. It will not only help save your memories and belongings, but it will also help you avoid any costly repairs. It will also help you save the lives of your loved ones.

To help prevent fire damage to your property, follow these tips:

1. Check Your Smoke Detectors Regularly

Smoke detectors are your first line of defence against fires and prevent fire damage. It is mandatory to install smoke detectors at your property in some states. Check out your local legislation to find out if you are required by law to install smoke detectors. Even if you are not bound by law, it is best to install them at your property as they help you detect fire hazards early on. It can save your life and property.

Install your smoke detectors in the center of the stairway, hall, or room. Don’t install them too close to the windows and doors. They should also not be installed near vents, fans, or air registers. It is important to check your smoke detectors regularly to ensure that they are working fine. They should be properly maintained and tested regularly and should only be installed by experts.

2. Check the Fire Extinguishers

In addition to smoke detectors, you must also have a fire extinguisher on the property. Fire extinguishers can help extinguish the fire immediately. It prevents the fire from spreading and causing serious life and property damage. It is best to get the ‘ABC’ designated fire extinguisher that puts out all kinds of fires.

You can also opt between metal and plastic fire extinguishers. The plastic ones are meant for one-time use only, while the metal ones can be refilled and reused.

3. Check Your Oven and Stove

Most of the house fires originate in the kitchen. It is important to take safety measures in the kitchen to prevent fires. You should not leave anything flammable close to your oven or stove. Curtains must not hang near the stove and the stovetop should always be clear of towels and cookbooks.

Also, keep your stove and oven clean and free of debris. You should also not leave the kitchen unattended when something is on the stove. It only takes seconds for a fire to damage your property. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Check the Electrical Work

Short circuit and faulty wires are also a common reason for house fires. To prevent it from happening, it is important to get your electrical work thoroughly checked. If you notice any of the wires or socket heating up, call an electrician to check it right away. Don’t leave chargers and other devices unattended and don’t overcharge them.

You should know about the power shutoffs of the property. This will help you shut down power in case of an emergency.

The above-mentioned tips can help you prevent fire damage at your property. If you need fire damage restoration help, call the experts at IBX Services. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, you can call us at +1-416-252-5959.