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More water damage insurance claims are filed for pipe breaks and plumbing or appliance issues than weather-related causes. Most plumbing failures in the kitchen and the bathroom are easily prevented. If a clog causes a backup and it is not caught right away, the resulting water damage can lead to warped hardwood floors, popping tiles, and wet mouldy building materials. Prevent clogs, backups, and pipe breaks by following these easy tips to keep things flowing.


  • Cooking grease can wreak havoc on your pipes. Dispose of grease properly- never down the drain. Line a bowl with aluminum foil, and when the grease hardens you can just ball it up and throw it away! Another option is to use an old coffee can to dispose of the grease or repurpose the leftover grease.
  • Chemical clog removal products can corrode your pipes over time. It’s best to use natural clog removal methods such as baking soda or vinegar.


  • Keep the toilet drains clear by avoiding flushing products like feminine hygiene products and moist “flushable” wipes.
  • Use a drain guard or screen in the shower to catch hair. Avoid using oily or greasy body care products that can gum up the pipes.


  • Always run cold water in a garbage disposal before adding food. Avoid tossing stringy or high fibre foods that are difficult to break down. Examples are carrots, potato peels, corn on the cob, and celery.


Hopefully, these tips will help make your kitchen and bathroom maintenance easier. Following these simple tips are the first defence in preventing water damage from a clogged or broken pipe. If your home or business encounters water damage, IBX services are here to help 24/7/365 by calling +1-416-252-5959

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