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Water damage and mold growth can be outcomes of water stains. Mold is almost certainly present in your walls if you notice those stains. Mold is a type of fungus that can grow on the surface of wood packaging and produces pigmented and infectious spores. Thousands of molds grow on wood and feed on the structural polymers, sugars, and proteins in the wood. Molds, in general, produce spores that are visible on the wood as black, white, green, orange, or purple spots. Even some molds cannot be seen with bare eyes.

Mold spores spread quickly to other damp surfaces, including wood products. Spores can grow and spread in a matter of days, depending on the mold types, available porous surfaces, and environmental conditions, but they can also take months or even years to spread and grow.

How to tell the difference between Mold Stains and Water Stains?

It can be difficult to distinguish between mold growth and water stains. However, some warning signs make this issue easily understandable. A musty scent or visible discoloration on walls, valuables, or ceilings is usually the first indication that you have mold in your home. Remember that not all mold has a black or dark color. The presence of different colors in combination with varying textures is a clear indicator of microbial growth.

 Do you want to know how you can spot the difference between mold stains and water stains?

1. Appearance

Mold can appear in a variety of colors as there are up to 100,000 mold species many of which appear to have a yellow or orange color. Therefore, you shouldn’t just perceive mold and water damage by their appearance.

2. Smell

There shouldn’t be a smell if a spill or small leak has been properly dried and sealed. Mold is likely to be the source of any unpleasant, musty, or rotten odors.

3. Texture

Mold growth is slimy, damp, and can smudge if touched, while water damage is bumpy, loose, and has bubbles or peels in it.

4. Impact on materials

The surface of the material that mold is on will eventually deteriorate, causing rot and structural flaws in your home, but this process can take a lot of time. Water damage can quickly cause splits in your walls and ceilings and cause wood to warp.

How do water stains tend to occur?

Water stains indicate a sign of a water problem and make it possible for further mold growth in your home. However, not all water damage can easily be identified. Water damage can appear on ceilings, inside walls, and beneath floors. It’s possible that small, ongoing leaks go undetected until mold starts to grow. Extraordinary stains could be a sign of mold development. Some types of mold leave a black or blue-black stain on the surface they are growing on.

Which are the signs of Water Damage?

Some signs of Water Damage that you can identify at your home:

1. Peeling Wallpaper & Paints

2. Curling / Bubbling Vinyl Flooring

3. Warped Wooden Floors

4. Brown, yellow or copper-colored stains

Which are the signs of Mold Growth?

Some signs of Mold Growth that you can identify at your home:

1. Smell when touching affected surfaces

2. Unpleasant smell

3. Will smear if touched

4. Yellow, green, blue, grey, black or white colors

Which is the Best Solution for Getting Rid of Both Types of Stains?

As mentioned above, mold is more likely to grow if a water leak is not discovered right away because it requires moisture and food to survive. Even the smallest leaks can introduce enough moisture to boost mold growth if the leak is ongoing. If the problem is not resolved at an early stage and the materials are not dried out, wet wood and drywall may also start to degrade.

If you ever notice any mold growth or water damage do not hesitate to can the experts of IBX Services who will come as soon as possible and give a solution to your stressful and emergency situation. The company’s main objective is to reduce and eliminate severe mold issues in Toronto by providing 24-hour assistance in cleaning and restoration projects. In case your home needs immediate mold testing, call IBX Services restoration at (416) 252-5959 and our highly-trained inspection team will be at your property in no time to properly assist you!


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