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In general, space heaters are efficient and preferable for us, as they offer extra warmth in a chilly home office or a drafty room. Unfortunately, they do not only provide benefits but can pose life-threatening risks and cause overwhelming and irreplaceable damage.

Based on proven studies space heaters can result in up to 80 % of deaths on an annual basis and that’s why you should make space heater safety a top priority.

Which are some advantages of space heaters?

1. Possibility of Cost Savings

Compared to other heating devices, space heaters are less expensive. Additionally, these heaters are less costly to run than a central heating system when set to the same temperature. When you use them in the room you are currently using, like a family room, you can save money by setting the main thermostat 10 degrees or even more below what you would normally need.

2. Easy To Use

Modern space heaters are frequently stylish, convenient, and simple to operate. There is no quicker or more practical method to use if you need to heat your home immediately due to an emergency. But keep in mind that in case overheating can cause tremendous fire damage and will affect both health and property.

Which are some disadvantages of space heaters?

1. Fire And Burn Risk

According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters are responsible for more than 40% of all home heating-related fires. Additionally, space heaters are to blame for the majority of wintertime fire-related fatalities as well as for thousands of burn-related injuries each year. If you ever experience fire-related emergency situations do not hesitate to address your problem to the IBX Services fire damage professional crew and prevent any further damage.

2. Need Continuous Attention

Although contemporary space heaters are much safer than earlier models, you still shouldn’t leave them unattended. Many fires tend to start when people nod off, so you must be careful not to leave them turned on.

Can a portable electric space heater be energy-efficient?

Since almost all of the electric energy that enters a space heater is converted to heat, the device is relatively simple and nearly 100% efficient. A portable electric space heater is always using energy when it is on and producing heat. The maximum output of a portable electric space heater is limited by government regulations, which is far insufficient to heat an entire house or even a small room.

Unless you make other changes at home to reduce your energy use, your power bill will go up if you install a space heater to warm up a room that is always cold. Using a portable electric space heater to heat the room you’re in while lowering the thermostat for the rest of the house is the only way it will help you lower your annual heating bill.

Which are some space heater safety tips?

During cold weather, portable space heaters can provide your home with convenient extra heat. However, if not used correctly, they can present severe fire and electric shock risks. Space heaters that lack sufficient safety features, are used too close to combustible materials or are plugged in incorrectly, can all pose a fire and electrical hazard.

IBX Services expert fire damage crew’s instructions for keeping your house warm and secure during the winter:

  • Verify the label on your space heater to see if it states that it is listed by a verified laboratory.
  • Take a close look at the warning labels and read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions before using any type of space heater.
  • Before each use, check heaters for loose connections or cracked or broken plugs. If you detect any possible damage then do not use them.
  • Space heaters should always be supervised. Don’t let kids or pets play too close to a space heater, and turn it off before you leave a room or go to sleep.
  • They should never be used to warm bedding, cook food, dry clothes, or thaw pipes; they are only intended to provide additional heat.
  • Install smoke alarms on your home’s exterior and each floor, and test them once a month.
  • Their placement must be done carefully. Anything that has the potential to burn, such as papers, clothing, and rugs, must be kept at least three feet away from heaters.
  • Place space heaters away from doorways and busy areas where they could present a tripping hazard.
  • Directly connect them to a wall outlet.
  • Set up space heaters on flat, level surfaces. Never put heaters on carpets, cabinets, tables, or other items of furniture as they could overheat and catch fire.
  • When the heater is not in use, always unplug it and store it safely.

Space heaters are both beneficial and risky at the same time. All people must be extremely careful while using them, as one wrong action can lead to a series of unfortunate and severe fire-related damage. This kind of emergency can be professionally handled by IBX Services’ who offer high-quality fire damage restoration services and are 24 hours available to assist you immediately by offering time and cost-efficient solutions for your emergency.

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