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Fire occurrence can result in a source of overwhelming problems that can affect everyone’s health and wellness. If your have a smoke-damaged house then consider fire restoration services to remove smoke and pollution from your property. Smoke can affect your entire house, regardless of the size of the fire, whether it is big or small.

Smoke odor can spread throughout the house by getting into vents, walls, and other hard-to-reach areas, and it can cause further damage to your personal belongings.

IBX Services fire damage restoration company can handle the smoke pollution that has been developed as well as clean up and contaminate the whole property and transform it into a healthy environment for you and your family.

What is smoke damage?

Smoke damage, as physical damage, is generally caused by smoke which is generated because of a fire occurrence. Smoke has a complicated composition, but it frequently forms a greasy layer that makes it extremely challenging to remove. 

No matter how small or large the fire, smoke will still want to move to cooler areas and will do so using any means possible. This can apply to any crevice, including ducting, wiring, pipes, etc.  This indicates that smoke has reached areas that are not easily recognizable with bare eyes.

How serious can smoke damage be?

Smoke can still have disastrous effects even though it doesn’t completely destroy a space, its contents, or its surroundings like fire does. There may be other effects as well, such as soot coating objects or a lingering odor.

Many people are unaware of how greasily soot and smoke can be. It can make precious objects extremely unpleasant to touch when it settles on them. Furniture and textiles are particularly prone to it.

If left unattended for a long period of time without having the damaged items professionally cleaned, soot and smoke particles can also affect porous materials like wood or clothing or even weaken materials like metal.

Which are the most common types of smoke?

Fire is the obvious cause of smoke damage, but did you know there are different types of fire that can have different effects? Depending on how the fire began, the smoke and soot will behave differently.

Electrical problems, smoking, cooking, and unintentional fires are the main causes of fires in homes and businesses. 

However, the following types of fire smoke could cause specific harm to you:

1. Fuel Smoke

When oil, petrol, or a substance similar to it is burned, fuel smoke. This form is less likely to be found inside a building that houses a business. In garages or warehouses where petroleum is stored, this type of fume damage from oil is more prevalent.

It has one of the worst odors and is particularly challenging to clean. Any fabric touched by fuel smoke is probably beyond repair. Once it has settled, the residue is thick and sticky, which allows it to adhere to nearly any surface. It can be a genuine nightmare if you don’t seek professional help immediately!

2. Dry Smoke

High-temperature fires can quickly spread dry smoke throughout your home. They frequently result from paper or wood, which is why home fires are frequently linked to them. Smoke-damaged items are left with a residue that is powdery rather than sticky, which is way easier to remove.

However, its biggest flaw is also its powdery composition. It can fit into even the smallest spaces in a room, causing structural havoc in your house. Additionally, it can damage your wiring, which could result in sustained electrical damage to your home. Fortunately, the smell isn’t overpowering, so a competent team wouldn’t have any trouble performing a thorough cleanup.

3. Protein Smoke

This category covers the emissions from burning organic material. It usually appears when haphazard kitchen projects are being undertaken.

This type is challenging to combat because it is largely invisible. There are no greasy smears or large black stains on your painted or unpainted walls. The only visible symptoms are paint fading and an inflammatory odor.

4. Wet Smoke

Wet smoke indicates the smoke that is produced by low-heat, smoldering flames, especially burnt rubber or plastic products. They emit a distinctly unpleasant smell of burned plastic.

These plumes are ideal for causing damage to your property because they are thick and black. They can also cause metal objects to rust and corrode if left unattended for too long. Additionally particularly greasy, this kind makes cleanup even more challenging.

Rely on IBX Services professionals who are 24 hours available to offer you trustworthy fire damage restoration services wherever your property is located, and relieve you from this stressful situation. You can call our remediators at (416) 252-5959 or send a detailed description of your emergency to [email protected] and take an instant response from them!

Which health risks can occur because of smoke-damaged house?

After a fire, breathing difficulties are the first issue you’ll encounter. Smoke is produced by fire, and smoke has the potential to cause various respiratory problems. A thin line of fume and smell permeates your home instead of the thick fumes that a fire produces. Health risks could be brought on by this odor. 

Different materials that are porous and frequently resist fire damage, can be easily found inside your home. These components include furniture, carpets, drywall, wooden surfaces, and walls. If you don’t clean the materials that are holding the smoke, you and your family will breathe it in.

Eye irritation is one of the additional health risks following a house fire. Smoke and soot can irritate your eyes and make them red.

Skin issues such as itching can also result from smoke and soot in your home. Unfortunately, lotions won’t be able to treat the dryness so you have to be extremely careful not to get exposed.

What To Do after a fire?

In case your house is suffering from smoke damage then consider hiring a group of experts on your side. Our team of knowledgeable fire damage restoration experts, at IBX Services fire damage restoration, is here to get rid of the smoke, soot, and odors so you can return home as soon as possible. To return the comfort and safety of your property, our fire and smoke cleanup specialists can provide professional restoration services that will contribute to your health and overall maintenance of your property.


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