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If you ever deal with fire damage Brampton- area business or home, immediately call IBX Services fire damage restoration Brampton at (416) 252-5959 and start the journey leading you to a full fire damage recovery. 

Top Causes of Fire Damage Brampton 

  • Kitchen Equipment and Cooking Fire
  • HVAC Equipment and Heating Fire
  • Electrical Equipment and Appliances
  • Candles
  • Careless Smoking
  • Flammable Household Products

Unfortunately, during a fire, smoke is driven by heat and tends to spread throughout the property. Humidity combined with smoke can lead to corrosive residues as well as cause chemical burning on surfaces, etching and pitting. If smoke stays for a long time then it can be a source of many overwhelming problems that will affect your health and the building code of your structure.

Don’t let your property unhelped when you can give in to the possibility of returning to its pre-fire condition. Contact IBX Services restoration professionals of fire damage Brampton at (416) 252-5959 and remove all the unhealthy and dangerous elements that are formed because of fire. 

Fire Restoration for damaged Brampton properties

Fire damage restoration is beyond needed for properties that have experienced severe fire damage. The fire damage restoration process can differ due to source, time passed and type of fire that your business or property has suffered.

What IBX Services fire damage restoration Brampton can offer to you:

  • Analyze the extent of the damage inside the structure.
  • Take efficient actions that will prevent any further damage.
  • Decontaminate your property from any available smoke, soot or dust
  • Help your property return to its pre-fire state

What you should leave to professionals after fire damage

IBX Services Fire Damage Restoration Brampton suggests staying calm at first and then avoiding doing the following:

  • Don’t turn on HVAC Systems, instead open your windows.
  • Don’t wipe walls, porous surfaces, wood trim and furniture.
  • Don’t consume any food product that was previously exposed to heat fire.
  • Don’t sit and move furniture because of the soot creation.
  • Stay away from electrical appliances until they have been fully inspected for your fire damage restoration company.

IBX Services has proven a high-quality combination of training, advanced equipment, efficient relationships and excellent collaboration with home service providers, property managers and insurance professionals. 

Contact IBX Services for fire damage restoration at (416) 252-5959 and prevent further losses!

Contractors that offer fire damage restoration services are obliged to perform a lot of hand-cleaning as every inch of fire-damaged affected surfaces should be cleaned properly. Fire damage restoration equipment involves cleaning chemicals, rags and sponges as well as air cleaners, deodorizers, HEPA vacuums, dehumidifiers and air movers. For high-quality fire damage restoration services, you can freely contact IBX Services restoration fire damage Brampton at [email protected] who will give you immediate support for your emergency.

The exact answer to this question cannot be specified if professionals have not inspected the whole area of your construction and defined the percentage of fire damage in your property.