Fire and smoke are crucial elements for causing fire damage Hamilton at your property and require special attention to eliminate any health concerns and contribute to the overall property’s maintenance building code. By calling (416) 252-5959, IBX Services’ well-trained fire damage restoration Hamilton professionals, can give you both cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for this type of emergency.

Factors that cause Fire Damage Hamilton

  1. Heating & Fireplaces

If devices are not well maintained or overloaded, they will generate and continue developing hazardous and extremely overwhelming heat. Fireplaces without glass or screen protectors will allow sparks of fire to ‘fly’ into the room and this will automatically cause a fire. Furthermore, blocked chimneys and combustible items including curtains, wallpapers, clothing or furniture bedding that are left around heaters or other electrical appliances are sources of risky fire that can cause irreplaceable damage to properties. 

  1. Cooking

The kitchen is one of the most commonly used spaces in everyone’s home but can be also a source of extremely dangerous residential fires. Grease, water and electricity can be the 3 most dangerous elements in creating a hazardous fire. Grease fire tends to be the most ordinary fire that will occur in kitchens and is caused by overheated frying pans. It can result in a life-threatening fire as it can be spread also to other room spaces and leave long-lasting damage.

  1. Electrical Appliances

The fire risk from electricity should never be underestimated. In case of overheating, 

Blown fuses, sockets and hot plugs may lead to a dangerous fire. Spars of fire can also be created from exposed wires.

  1. Candles

Candles are not only essential for our house’s interior appearance but they can give devastating consequences by causing candle-related fires that will damage both interior and exterior if not immediately addressed.


  1. Smoking

Smoking is defined to be the biggest cause of fire-related deaths. Not properly extinguished cigarettes or people falling asleep with a burning cigarette in their hands can be beyond serious as it will cause a huge fire that will directly affect your health and your property.

Things to Do After Fire Damage Hamilton

  • Open windows for an adequate ventilation
  • Transfer your family and your pets to a clean and healthy environment
  • Do not make significant movements as the soot that has been created because of the fire can damage carpets, furniture and personal belongings
  • Try to switch off the electricity as empty freezers and refrigerators can contribute to the overall circulation

What Not to Do After Fire Damage Hamilton

If you want to avoid any further complications and accidents, then take into consideration the following steps that IBX Services fire damage restoration Hamilton  professionals  have to advise you:

  • Avoid cleaning soot from any porous surfaces, ceilings and walls 
  • Use electrical appliances that fire damage restoration professionals have not cleaned, examined and cleaned
  • Consume any food items, canned products or beverages that were previously exposed to extreme fire heat.

We know that fire damage Hamilton can be a very stressful situation for you and your family members. Hiring IBX Services fire damage restoration Hamilton crew will be the best choice to eliminate further damage to your home. They are beyond willing to take on any fire-related restoration project.

You can give them a brief explanation of your emergency by calling them at (416) 252-5959 or at [email protected] as they are 24/7 available for you!

Personal and high monetary value items should be kept by you in case of fire damage Hamilton, such as: 

  • Family Valuables
  • Personal Documents
  • Credit cards & Cash
  • Medications