Smoke and fire damage can destroy everyone’s property structure and affect our health if not appropriately addressed. Horrific fires can be caused unexpectedly and spread very quickly, so

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Classes of Fire Damage Oshawa

In general, fire is categorized into 5 classes and below you will see them listed based on their source:

  • Class A Fire → ‘Ordinary Fire’

Class A Fire is generally produced by solid materials including paper, wood, fabric and plastic and is one of the most common types of fire. This type of fire can intensify quickly so it shouldn’t be considered a low-risk fire. It requires adequate protection and this could be reached by hiring IBX Services fire damage restoration company, which has highly qualified professionals who have masters in fire damage restoration services.

  • Class B Fire → ‘Liquid & Gas’

Class B Fire contains flammable liquids or gasses such as gasoline, paint, kerosene and alcohol. This is most common in industrial, residential and commercial fire damage Oshawa settings. The most effective way to deal with this type of fire is by smothering them and removing oxygen by using foam. Moreover, it tends to spread rapidly and produce thick smoke as they burn and people mustn’t use any water. It is by far better to leave expertized people to handle fire damage created in your property in case of class B  fire occurrence.

  • Class C Fire → ‘Electrical Fires’

Class C Fire can occur due to electrical currents and electrical equipment. An obvious risk area for class C Fire can be data centers that should have safeguards in place to deal with it

It is most common in industrial settings that deal with electrically or energy-powered equipment.

It may also occur in both residential and commercial areas. A good choice for facilities with sensitive equipment is good to choose fire damage restoration services because they will not leave any further damage to electrical equipment.

  • Class D Fire → ‘Metallic Fires’

This is the least occurring type of fire, but the one that requires special attention, as they tend to be very difficult to distinguish. Metallic Fires include risky flammable materials such as aluminum, titanium, potassium and magnesium and they mostly occurred in laboratories.

Furthermore, it is very important to avoid using water as it will make fire potentially more dangerous. For any possible damage coming from metallic fires, it is necessary to call a fire damage restoration company to give a quick and efficient solution.

  • Class K Fires → ‘Cooking or Grease Fires’

Class K Fires have a similarity with Class B fires as they both deal with the food service and restaurant industry. They commonly start from a possible combustion of cooking materials that are in a liquid form such as oils, animal fats, grease, etc. Class K Fires tend to spread fastly and they are very difficult to manage. They can leave dangerous damage on any commercial or residential property. Water is a critical element that does not have the power to eliminate it but instead makes it worse.

5 Useful Fire Restoration Damage Tips 

  1. Try to stay calm in order to think clearly
  2. Ventilate as much as you can by opening all the doors, windows, skylights, etc from your commercial or residential property.
  3. Protected all the items that you believe are not affected by fire
  4. Contact IBX Services, fire damage restoration professionals for high-quality fire emergency services.
  5. Avoid touching any electrical appliances

Now that you have understood how a fire starts you can prepare yourself to prevent it or in case of fire occurrence, you know where to address your emergency.

Contact IBX Services fire damage restoration Oshawa at (416) 252-5959 or send your personal emergency description to [email protected] and take a trustworthy and expertized response from our fire damage Oshawa crew.

IBX Services fire damage restoration professionals strongly advise not to stay inside your property as it can be very dangerous for you due to the unsafe and unstable blaze that your house may have. Soot and smoke can also be present and there is required to have specialized equipment in order to not inhale it. Letting the fire damage restoration crew manage this situation will be the best choice for both the building structure and your health.

We cannot specify the amount of the damage that fire has created to our property. Fire damage cannot be similar to all properties so the ideal way is to call professional remediators to do the job.