How to deal with Flood Damage Toronto

During an emergency like a flood, it is very important that you take action as soon as possible and begin the process of recovering your property straight away. The faster you start this process the less damage there will be and the less risk you will be causing to your health. Ibx Services recommends that you give them a call as soon as you notice the water damage in order to make the process both easier for yourself and faster but even if you don’t the advice below will help you anyway.

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It is very important that you deal with flood damage right away because in the water there are dangerous pathogens that cause mold and mildew to grow in the affected areas. Flood damage that isn’t taken care of properly and quickly can lead to expensive and much more difficult situations that involve mould.

Before you begin trying to recover your contents and save your property you must make sure that you are safe. In the case of a home flood, electrical shock is a huge safety concern it is important that you are wearing rubber boots and not coming near any electrical cords. You should first shut down the main power in the room where the flood is happening. You can shut down the main power from the breaker box.

With the help of photos and videos, you should record all the information and details of the damage so that you can contact your insurance company or agent so that they can help you deal with any problems and provide financial assistance.

Once the main power is shut off you will have to begin to make some tough decisions on which items you want to keep and which you will be throwing out. All the items that have been affected by the flood damage and are in sewage water or items that have been wet for a long time will have to be tagged and discarded.

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