Emergency Services In Canada

At IBX Services We Provide You With The Best Solution For Both Restoration And Construction Needs. As Licensed General Contractors We Enable A Smooth Transition From Restoration To Reconstruction.

IBX Services is the largest residential and commercial property restoration and disaster recovery company In The GTA. We provide many services and solutions for property damage caused by water, fire, storms, or mold.

Every service provided by IBX Services is personalized. Communication is essential as we try to repair your property and valuables. Every step of the way, we’ll make sure you understand what we’re doing. Our unique and adaptive approach ensures that you get the restoration you want without any unpleasant surprises.

IBX Restoration Services

Our Emergency Services Also Include:


Emergency Power Services

In the event of a power loss caused by weather, fire, or other disasters, IBX Services provides emergency generators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a variety of sizes according to your project's requirements, ranging from single property units to full condominium buildings. Our emergency on-call crews are ready to help restore temporary electricity to your property at any time of day or night.


Board Up Service

IBX Services provides the best emergency services across Ontario. We provide emergency board-up service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of fire damage, flood, explosion, vandalism, break-in, or natural disaster. Any board-up or emergency issue will be responded to within the hour by our committed team of trained project managers and certified technicians. We offer a number of services, including emergency commercial board-ups, roof tarping, temporary fencing, debris removal, and emergency repairs to help you get your house or company back to normal after an accident or tragedy.


Temporary Fencing Services

At IBX Services safety is important, that’s why we provide services and respond to your fencing needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Property destruction, vandalism, and robbery can all be avoided by using a temporary fence to form a safety net around your property. It deters intruders and reduces financial or insurance liability in the event that a trespasser is wounded on the premises. The qualified personnel at IBX Services are available 24/7 and will take care of your fencing needs at any hour of the day or night, from setting up the fence to tearing it down.


Trauma And Crime Scene Services

Crime and trauma are both extremely unpleasant traumatic experiences that, if not handled properly, can lead to a slew of problems. They have an influence not only on a family and loved ones, but they can also have an immediate impact on the community. IBX Services understands the importance of providing prompt and empathetic help to grieving families during this difficult time in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. The crime and trauma scene cleanup and decontamination experts have the training and experience to completely clean and sanitize the scene of a homicide, murder, burglary, break-in, or other violent crime at your home or business.

IBX Restoration Services

Our Restoration Services Also Include:


Environmental Remediation

Our team can handle excavation, demolition, environmental cleanup, and site preparation for both commercial and residential projects. All aspects of hazardous soil extraction and disposal are something we've done a lot of. IBX Services works directly with residential clients, commercial and industrial developers, engineers, and architects to provide the most effective site preparation solution. A site assessment, water-table analysis, soil make-up, drainage, ponds, and erosion protection are all part of this procedure.


Cleaning And Disinfecting Services

IBX Services offers a variety of protection levels for your organization, allowing you to customize your disinfection requirements. Whether you require extended surface disinfection and air filtration or a more direct approach to fit your facility's busy schedule, our services may be adapted to meet your demands.


Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is an important decontamination procedure that has been endorsed by professionals in property damage restoration and environmental remediation. This low-cost cleaning procedure produces unparalleled results. IBX Services' dry ice blasting offers excellent results. We've utilized it frequently in the restoration process in the Greater Toronto Area, and the results have been fantastic. When compared to other cleaning and decontamination methods, this one-of-a-kind method can save you time and money by returning your property to its former state in half the time.


Media Blasting

IBX Services has the capacity to perform everything from small on-site or shop blasting tasks to large plant coating removal/cleaning projects as one of Ontario's leading specialty media blasting enterprises. We have the resources to manage your projects, from a professional blast booth, several blast pots, a large inventory of various blast media, and massive compressors to the talent, credentials, and financial resources to bring it all together.

Contact IBX Services For General Contracting Services

General contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, supplies, timetables, and other factors can all contribute to a complex web of dynamics in the construction process. From conception to completion, the general contracting professionals at IBX Services provide a comprehensive range of important production and management services that are custom-created and adjusted to meet the needs of your specific project.