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Molds are really fond of damp and humid environments and that’s why bathrooms are more mold-prone. Mold growth can be developed on surfaces full of moisture and high humidity levels. It can be hazardous for our health and cause irreplaceable structural damage to everyone’s property if not handled immediately. But which are those steps that will contribute to how to prevent mold in shower and getting rid of it in case it occurs?

This IBX Service’s blog is solely focused on giving you efficient instructions as well as help on how to deal with and prevent mold growth and minimize the negative impact it will give on your life.

How risky is Bathroom Mold?

Several harmful health effects might be brought on by mold in the bathroom and shower. Burning eyes, skin rashes, or respiratory symptoms like a runny nose, sore throat, coughing, or wheezing can all result from mold exposure. People with asthma or mold allergies may find these problems to be extremely harmful. In addition, continuous mold exposure can result in lung infections in people with weakened immune systems or chronic lung conditions.

Why do Bathrooms develop Black Mold?

Since your bathroom is the place in your house with the most moisture and humidity, mold can develop there in peace. Black mold growth in the bathroom can be brought on by persistent dampness from the shower and bathtub, hot water vapor, hand-washing splashes, and plumbing leaks.

This kind mold is typically seen in extreme circumstances, such as after floods or in places where there is persistent and ongoing wetness (such as plumbing leaks). Make sure to get in touch with a professional if you have any worries regarding the type of mold in your bathroom.

In case you detect black mold around your bathroom then do not hesitate to address IBX Services, which offer trustworthy and high-quality mold removal services and applies certified product to eliminate mold growth.

How to prevent Black Shower Mold?

In terms of mold, prevention is always preferable to treatment. It may seem extremely difficult to prevent or fight this unfriendly fungus but the following tips will make you rethink twice how to prevent mold in the shower:

Try to Stay Dry 

As mentioned earlier, bathrooms are frequently good locations for mold growth because airborne moisture can promote its growth. Make every effort to maintain good ventilation in your bathroom by operating an exhaust fan throughout and for a few minutes after each shower or bath, and by leaving the door open whenever possible.

Wash bathmats, washcloths, and towels frequently as well. You may also use a sponge to clean tiles and glass surfaces and dry your sinks with a towel to get an extra layer of protection.

Use Shower Curtain

These days, it is really easy to find plenty of decorative curtains in markets. Before you purchase one, make sure it is paired with a disposable plastic liner, as it will eliminate the likeability or need to replace it more quickly if it gets dirty. 

No matter how you want to decorate, when the water is running, make sure the curtain is properly tucked into the bathtub rather than hung over it. This will help to keep water off your floor. Shower curtains with mold can occasionally be washed, however plastic liners with mold growth should be fully discarded.

Pay Extra Attention

Mold infestations are generally really hard to handle without proper professional help. You should always be vigilant to pay extra attention to the color of mold in order to identify its type. 

Always keep in mind, that mold can be found in a variety of color such as black, pink, green, red, white, dark blue and brown. To remove any type of mold, professional and certified products are needed. Mold removal solutions and techniques can have a significant impact on how well you manage mold development. This is by far supported by IBX Services mold removal professionals as they have overcome extensive training for those kinds of mold growth emergencies. 

Regular Bathroom Cleaning

To prevent mold and mildew growth is beyond important to conduct a regular bathroom cleaning. If you want to prevent the bathroom from turning into a fungal forest overnight, sprinkle some cleaning solution here and there. Surfaces should be cleaned, especially shower walls. To simply prevent mold growth and keep your bathroom mold-free, keep it dry and keep up with your cleaning appointments with Upstairs Downstairs on a regular basis.

When cleaning your bathtub and shower, spend some time scrubbing the grout as well because mold and mildew can accumulate there. To aid in preventing mold formation, regularly use a grout sealer. When required, renew the caulking by wiping it down or removing it totally.

Remember to clean the rugs in your bathroom. After each person exits the shower, these can retain moisture. Between showers, your bathroom carpets might never completely dry, which makes them the perfect place for mold to grow.

Leak Inspection 

Aim to check your bathroom for leaks at least once every month. Verify the shower head, faucets, sinks, bathtub, etc. Mold can develop even from leaking toilets.

Make it a priority to fix any leaks as quickly as you can if you notice any. Run a dehumidifier for a few days in the bathroom if there are indications of substantial moisture damage to help it dry out.

Call Professionals

Instead of using DIY mold removal kits or mixing various elements such as ammonia with bleach, which is highly poisonous as it releases poisonous gases that are extremely dangerous, you can simply call a licensed and professional mold removal company. 

IBX Services is a reliable restoration company that operates in Toronto and in further GTA areas. Our professionals are always available to handle any type of emergency situation and 24/7 available to assist you, just by dropping a service call at (416) 252-5959!


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