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Unfortunately, we live in a world full of mold and other bacteria that are all a result of some specific factors. Mold can be found both inside and outside our homes. Practically black mold spores exist in every indoor environment and the main problem is to completely eliminate them once shown. Mold spreads via spores that travel through the air, just like many other fungi and plants. 

Based on the type of mold, once exposed, it can be extremely dangerous for our health, and that is a prior reason, why we should always take into consideration finding ways to prevent it. This IBX Services blog is focused on giving the appropriate information in order to understand the harm that black mold spores can cause, its negative effects and the ways to prevent it.

What are Black Mold Spores?

All types of mold, including black mold, can release tiny particles that are also referred to as spores. As it grows and develops black mold spores detach and become aerosolized, capable to cover large distances with simply a breeze. But how black mold spores are spread? The fact that Stachybotrys chartarum clusters are typically covered in a thin layer of slime prevents the spores from spreading readily in the air. However, spores can get aerosolized and attach to dust particles when the clusters are disturbed and allowed to dry.

In addition to serving as a means of reproduction, spores also carry harmful byproducts of black mold. Black mold spores and mold debris may contain mycotoxins, which are potentially harmful substances thought to have neurotoxic properties. Mycotoxins that are dangerous only occasionally come from black mold colonies.

What are the Health Effects of Inhaling Black Mold Spores?

Black Mold or black mold spores can cause an allergic reaction in people who breathe them in, touch them, or come into contact with them. Molds can make people with existing allergies experience asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath. Even those without allergies can become inflamed. Asthma that already exists can get worse, according to studies, if you are in constant mold exposure. 

Black Mold Spores can cause:

  • Wheezing
  • Sinusitis
  • Sore Throat
  • Skin Rashes
  • Watery & Red Eyes
  • Dry Cough

In rare cases, mold allergies that come from black mold spores exposure can cause severe reactions including hypersensitivity pneumonitis that include the following symptoms:

  • Coughing 
  • Progressive Weight Loss
  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of Breath

What does Black Mold Poisoning mean?

This is among the most alarming consequences of breathing in black mold spores. According to research, acute exposure to black mold can have neurotoxic, neurological, and neuropsychiatric consequences when specific mycotoxins are present. These symptoms, which include cognitive decline, brain fog, vision abnormalities, confusion, loss of balance, and more, are commonly referred to as black mold poisoning.

How to Avoid Black Mold Exposure?

There are certain actions you may take into consideration to conduct do to reduce your exposure to black mold if you’ve found it in your house while the colony is being removed.

Stop Moisture Source 

Turn off the water or fix the leak if the black mold is developing next to a continuously leaky sink, tub, or toilet. Until they can be fixed, cover leaks in the roof or windows with a plastic tarp.

Decontaminate the Infested Area

If at all feasible, tape plastic sheeting over the doors to close off the area of the house that contains black mold. To stop the mold’s spores from spreading into the air, softly mist the mold with water if the leak has been fixed and the environment is dry.

Wear Mask 

In case you enter a black mold-infested area then you must wear a mask in order to properly prevent inhaling black mold spores as well as protective gear or clothing that afterwards you should wash with hot water. 

Put Cleaning Supplies in the Correct Disposal

To prevent the spores from spreading, put disposable safety equipment, plastic sheeting, and cleaning supplies in a sealed heavy-duty plastic bag.

How to Prevent the Growth of Black Mold

In your home, a colony of black mold or other dangerous molds could grow since mold spores are present everywhere, especially in dry areas. However, there are measures you can take to aid in stopping the growth of any unwelcome mold.

  • Repair Leaks →  Any porous surface, such as wood, drywall, grout, or another one, might create a favorable environment for the growth of mold with just a minor leak. Fix windows, leaking pipes,  roofs, and fixtures as soon as possible.
  • Keep Surfaces and Fabrics Dry → Never stack wet shoes, clothes, or towels. Mold can begin to grow, spread, and develop a musty odor in as little as two days. Hanging your wet clothes will hasten their drying time. To ensure that the tubs and shower curtains are completely dry after each use, use a sponge. Plan your wet tasks, such as mopping floors, steam cleaning clothes, or power washing surfaces, for a warm, windy day to ensure speedy drying of the surfaces.
  • Ventilation Improvement in Your Home → When cooking, use the fans in the bathroom and kitchen to quickly dry the food and remove any steam. The addition of ceiling fans and circulating fans is a great help when the humidity is high. On dry, windy days, open the doors and windows.
  • Utilize a dehumidifier → Utilize a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the air if your laundry room or basement has high humidity levels. Make sure to keep the appliances in good working order and to least daily empty the water collection bin.
  • Control Humidity Levels →  Mold needs moisture for growth. Make sure your home’s humidity level never increases beyond 60% to avoid this.
  • Call Mold Removal Professionals → As mentioned above, exposure to black mold can be harmful. DIY black mold removal kits will not effectively remove the black mold growth in your home areas. For severe black mold development growth it is beyond important to hire mold removal professionals who have a significant experience in mold removal services. In case you are in need of expertized mold removal services then do not hesitate to address IBX Services mold removal professionals at (416) 252-5959 and let them assist you immediately!

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