Industrial Mould Removal Across The GTA

Time is the most essential element when dealing with industrial mould removal. Mold can begin to develop and spread throughout your property in as little as 48-72 hours, causing allergies and other irritants to proliferate. This can be harmful to the health of your staff, customers, and your company as a whole. Mold issues can generate concern among individuals who are allergic to certain substances. Any mold infestation in your industrial property should be taken seriously and prevent further mold growth. Mold spores only take a few days to thrive and spread throughout your property, and it usually starts with a musty odor in the air.

That’s the time when you should contact our restoration company that will assist you and gets rid of mold. IBX Services professionals respond quickly to your call to assess any kind of mold problem. We employ the most advanced technology and equipment in mold remediation to identify the root of every type of mold issue. We aim to finish our industrial mould removal process in a fast and thorough way with minimal interruption of your business. 

The Process Of Industrial Mold Removal At IBX Services

Professional industrial mould removal services are an essential part of every industrial property that requires the use of the most advanced technology and products. The process is much more than just cleaning the porous surfaces of your industrial property. Mold in your property is very harmful and the mold removal process has potential health hazards that’s why it is better left to professionals. If you will hire IBX Services for industrial mold removal these are some of the steps taken to clean the affected areas. 

    1. Fix any moisture first:
      If you suspect that any mold problem started from a water leak or burst pipes we make sure we fix the problem. Mold grows in an environment with a high level of humidity, so if your home has water ingress it is very difficult to remove the mold. 
    2. Isolate moldy areas:
      To avoid contamination during the industrial mold removal process is necessary to isolate the areas where we are treating mold. We do this before we start with the restoration and cleaning process. 
    3. Remove absorbent materials:
      The next step is to remove all the materials that are damaged by mold. Materials like carpet or other furniture have fibers that allow mold to remain for a long time even if you did a deep cleaning.
    4. Cleaning away the mold:
      We make sure to leave no visible trace of mold after we finish our mold removal process. We employ the most advanced technology and use only high-quality products.
    5. Thoroughly Dry:
      A thorough drying process is essential to finish mold remediation. We accomplish this by using air movers and dehumidifiers. 

Expert Industrial Mould Removal Services Only At IBX Services

Our team is fully trained and certified to provide the best industrial mold removal services and help your property get back to its previous situation. Here at IBX Services, we try to keep up with the latest technology in order to provide efficiency and effectiveness. Above all our main goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your home is free of mold and any bacteria. You can always count on IBX Services for a fast and thorough mold remediation process and successfully transform your property into a clean and healthy environment.