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Water Damage is considered the primary cause of home insurance claims and can be very pricey to repair. It caused by weather and storms continue to increase causing thousands of dollars in homeowner claims a year.
The costs of repair change depending on where it occurs. This because you need to take into account several factors, including the size of the affected area and materials that will need to be replaced or restored.

We know that home insurance can cover different types of water damage depending on the cause.

In every case of water damage have three sets of costs that you have to add together to understand the total cost of your water damage repairs:

  • Cost of water removal, cleanup, ventilation, and decontamination
  • Cost of building and structural repairs.
  • Cost of reversion, cleaning or relapse of personal property and mechanical equipment.

Factors that impact in Cost of Repair From Water Damage

They will change depending on different factors, including:

  • Where you live (the cost of labour and materials in your property, the type of water damage)
  • The extent of damage (This factor is if you have to repair with new materials or attempt to restore older materials in your home.)
  • Types of Water and Associated Costs (It’s a very important factor, the cost of repairs depends on the type of water that has entered the home.)

Cost by Type, of 3 Types of Water Damage

  1. The first type is the Clean Water Damage. This is caused by water that is “clean” coming from a water pipe or rain.
  2. The second type is the Grey Water Damage which caused by water coming from an appliance, it may have soaps or other chemicals in it that need to be treated as part of the cleanup.
  3. The last type is the Black Water Damage. Its water comes from a contaminated source like a sewer back up claims. Water coming in through sewer pipes can have harmful bacterial is hazardous to health.

Steps to Repairs After Water Damage

In a home insurance claim where the water damage has been the cause of loss or destruction of property, there are several steps to a cleanup. For water damage occurring inside a home, the first four stages before repair or reconstruction even begins can be very costly, easily costing a few thousand dollars in a situation where the home has been flooded with water.

5 Stages to Repair it:

  1. Stopping water from coming into the home to allow work to begin
  2. Clear out and safety measures
  3. Ventilation and demolition of affected areas
  4. Cleaning and debris removal
  5. Reconstruction or restoration

It’s always recommended to contact a Restoration Company in those cases. They have qualified staff which help you to clear up your house and to ensure you that every risk passed. With long experience and always on top for restoration, the best choice is the IBX Service. Just contact us and we will be there as soon as possible.

Why us?

IBX Services is a full-services company for any kind of emergency service. What it means is that we offer the full scale of solutions needed for complete emergency services, cleaning and disinfection services, and commercial services too. From identifying the cause of the problem to fixing any design flaws in the affected areas, and the prevention of further and sealing to rigorous testing to detect any other indirect problem, we strive to be a leader in the emergency services solutions industry.