Water Damage Restoration Company

An organization that is specialises and have a qualified team in the mitigation of water damage to quickly address and to stop the damage impacts on fixed structures and content that are saturated as an outcome of excessive water ingress it is called a Water Damage Restoration Company.

The main perpose is to put away excess water and to dry wet carpet and other wet structures that can be salvaged. If are areas where water damaged content and structures can not be salvaged, they should be removed as soon as possible to protect and dry the structures that they can be exposed to other effects of flooding and water damage.

Clients that fortunately don’t have had water damage problems, nor have they ever known that there are specialised water damage cleaning and restoration contractors dealing specifically with the mitigation, recovery and reinstatement water damaged homes, apartments, warehouses, retail outlets and other commercial premises can find us easily thorugout the Google. We are known as the leading water damage restoration company in Toronto and all GTA.

Water Damage Restoration Company

With 15 years of experience, extensive training and the most advanced equipment, IBX Services is the leading cleaning and restoration company serving Toronto.

We are a specialized company that has held the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) since our inception. Our professional team ensures all water damage restoration and wet carpet drying programs undertaken by IBX Services are executed according to IICRC standards in a timely manner that is timely and cost effective for our clients. Our quality, safety and environmental processes are accredited making us the most recommended company in Toronto and not only.

During water damage restoration, we will take care not only dry your water damaged carpets and other water damaged structures in your premises; such as subfloors, walls and ceilings, but we will use our reinstatement programs that aim to rebuild your home or business to its pre-loss condition. We have the ability to organise and manage all required trades directly, so you do not need to deal with and try to coordinate multiple contractors.

Call Professionals

Of course, it’s every property owner’s or manager’s worst nightmare: floods steadily rising in the rooms, offices and corridors of your prized investment.

At IBX Services, we know that making a phone call to a disaster restoration company is the last thing running through your mind but time is the most crucial factor in restoring and remediating your property and minimizing your losses. So when disaster strikes, call the right professionals, at the right time.

Our team is the first choice of property owners, managers, insurance companies and independent adjusters.Our honesty, commitment and dedication to helping our customers bring their lives back to normal as quickly as possible has earned us the Top Choice Award for Business Excellence for the past three years.

Don’t think twice to call us here.

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Four Ways To Help After A Fire Damage

Of course, after a fire in the house or at business premises, the priority is to normalize and to return the area back to its pre-incident condition as soon as we can. Therefore, calling a fire damage restoration company is essential.

Here are four ways that can help if your property has been damaged by a fire

  • Smoke removal

One of the most complicated parts after fire damage is smoke and odor removal. This happens because fire is invisible and takes specialist knowledge to remove it quickly and efficiently. As soon as you call in a fire restoration services company the better, as time is very important. Another fact is that heat and pressure from a fire cause smoke to rise up through floorboards and seep into cracks in the walls which means, if not cleaned up by a specialist fire restoration services company, smoke residue and contaminants can linger for years.

Remember that a side-effect of fire damage that’s is water damage. Water that comes from fire hoses that put out house fires can not only damage belongings, carpets, and upholstery but can also have serious consequences for the structure of a property. Choosing a professional fire restoration services company will be on call 24 hours a day and have the professional equipment to extract standing water left behind by the fire service. Once the water is removed, the building and any contents that are salvageable can be dried out, sanitized and deodorized.

  • Getting rid of household items

Are some cases, unfortunately, some furniture and personal belongings are unsalvageable as a result of smoke and soot damage.
These need to be bagged up and thrown away. However, we as a fire restoration services company will be able to assess what can be saved, and what can’t. Some belongings can be cleaned on-site using specialist equipment, and clothes and other porous items can be dry cleaned. So IBX Team will take care of everything.

After fire damage, all carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings will be damaged by soot stains and smoke odor.  As the effects of smoke and soot can linger for a long time, anything that can be saved should be cleaned on-site by a professional cleaner.

Choose Professionals

Don’t think twice to call IBX Services and you can arrange the fire restoration services and recovery support you need. We have a 24-hour helpline, so you can get help when you need it. Feel free to call us at +1-416-252-5959 or to send us an email at [email protected].

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Why Isn’t Recommended Using Bleach To Clean Mold?

Mold is a very stressful topic that most homeowners don’t like to think about. If they have to discuss it, it is because they may have discovered mold in their home. Of course, mold can be both dangerous and costly too. Chances are if you have found it you are desperately trying to determine how to clean mold as soon as you can. Many times you ask yourself if you can do the remediation and if so, what type of chemicals or cleaners you should use. IBX Services will give you some answers to all your questions.

Is bleach recommended to clean mold or not?

To be honest all homeowners think about bleach as the first chemical of cleaning up a mold problem. Chlorine bleach is the most common bleach regarded as the answer for removing and halting mold growth as a result, is the first thing used when you clean mold contaminated area. But, while bleach may be effective in certain applications, it will not exonerate mold on a porous surface and can actually contribute negatively to certain mold problems.

  • Bleach can lose effectiveness over time

You have to know that chlorine bleach rapidly loses its effectiveness. You can prove this by leaving a glass of chlorinated water out on the counter for a few days, the chlorine will evaporate. So this easy process indicates that it will be hard to ascertain the true potency of your chlorine bleach solution as the chlorine can escape through the plastic. If you use a fairly old bleach, it may not be effective at all. An older bleach will only partially kill the surface mold and create a bigger mess than you already had.

  • Bleach can actually contribute to mold growth

You have to read the label in a bleach bottle, to understanding that it is only designated for non-porous surfaces. This means that chlorine bleach can only kill surface mold, but mold can grow deep roots within porous surfaces, such as wood and drywall, bleach will not assist you in exterminating mold. As a result, if you want to completely eliminate the mold from your home, bleach is definitely not the answer.

  • Bleach is toxic

Chlorine bleach produces fumes that pollute the air so it can become harmful to both humans and pets. It generates a by-product called dioxin, which is linked to cancer. Bleach builds up several pollutants in the environment and the last thing you want to do is create more toxic chemicals in your home – mold is toxic enough.

How to get rid of mold?

There are several considerations that need to be evaluated when determining whether you should clean up the mold yourself or hire a professional. Always do your research and choose wisely.

If you have noticed that is safe to clean mold by yourself, there are a variety of options available.

  • The most important step is to determine the cause of the moisture and make any necessary changes to assure that mold will not return and the area is properly ventilated.
  • You should also consider testing to determine what type of mold you are dealing with as that may help determine what type of chemical you may need to remediate it.

Choose professionals

The right treatment for mold growth will depend on the surface it has populated. So before interact by yourself consult a professional. Mold always has been a very dangerous issue and should be taken seriously. IBX Services as an experienced company on mold remediation and not only will be able to help you. Feel free to call us 24/7 at +1-416-252-5959.

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Prevent Water Damage Caused By The Winter Weather

We know well that winter brings chilling temperatures and it can cause huge damages to the home. As we have seen residential properties suffer the most from winter’s wrath. Dealing with water damage in freezing temperatures is the last thing that anyone would like. To prevent this you have to know some of the most common water damage caused by the winter weather and the ways to fix them when they occur.

  • The first one is Ice dam formation on the roof

Ice dam formation is one of the most common problems in homes with sloping roofs. It easily forms when snow accumulates on the roof. As a result, ice dams cause a significant amount of water damage each year and it may become a black mole damage problem as well if it is left untreated. So you have to ensure that your attic will remain uniformly cold by keeping it ventilated properly before winter starts.

  • The second one is related to the burst pipes

Bursting pipes happens as a result of pipes getting frozen during the winter season, in particular, if there is water left in the hoses or pipes outside your home. Of course, the winter period has temperatures can plunge below freezing, making the remaining water in the pipes to freeze. You have to prevent this by installing pipe insulation, specifically to pipes exposed to the freezing temperatures in winter.

  • Another water damage problem is the snowmelt

Melting snow can obviously damage any property, in particular, homes that have a basement, crawlspace or a slab foundation. If a huge quantity of the snow is piling up next to these foundations, it’s going to create a lot of water once it melts and poses flooding risks to your home. As a result, can cause mold problems. Remember to control the gutter as water may freeze in it and damage your gutter system.

  • Water heater leakage

This is a huge problem for many homeowners. As the temperature drops during winter, your water heater works double to be able to provide you and your family hot water for your shower. Please make a regular checking to your water heater to prevent it from bursts or leaks.

  • Overflowed gutter

Another problem during winters is overflowed gutter. It can cause big damages when the snow melts.

If you have water damage problems or other emergency problems feel free to contact us here.

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How To Deal With Condensation Damp Problems

During the colder months, condensation damp problems are very stressful. They are caused as a result of excess moisture. You have to know that if you left the condensation damp problems untreated can cause mold and different health problems.

IBX Services have some recommendation on how to remove condensation damp problems:

A simple explanation of condensation is that it happens when hot, moist air hits cold, dry air. In this way, it forms some water droplets on cold surfaces, like windows or walls. It commonly happens in areas like the kitchen or bath as a result of bathing or cooking. By knowing the problem you can solve or prevent it easier. Luckily are a lot of methods that help you to remove condensation damp problems during winter months. Remember that condensation also happen during spring and summer months as a result of cooler nights.  Here are two simple methods to prevent it:

  • The first method is to open the window, in this way you remove all the warm air and replace it with cold air. After that, you have to heat it again the air.
  • The second method is to use ventilation to prevent condensation.

Condensation Damp Problems in the house

Of course, condensation is a big problem in homes. It is caused by excess water vapor in the air, by poor insulation, by lack of ventilation or inadequate heating. But when we talk about bath condensation means a headache. Every homeowner hates that but it’s a fact. After you take a bath, water droplets form on the window, walls, and mirror or everywhere in cold areas of the bathroom.

Bath mirrors can quickly steam up and become covered in condensation. But if you want to prevent condensation lather your mirror up with shaving cream and wipe clean with a towel. Another method is to use vinegar with water.

Condensation damp problems are “called” a ‘winter problem’. As a result of cooler in the winter, the air inside houses is warm and the possibility of condensation is higher. In this way, it forms water droplets that settle on colder surfaces, such as walls, mirrors, glass or window frames. Furthermore, during winter months we are likely to open windows and doors in an effort to keep homes warm, but in this way, we give the opportunity that moisture and the condensational air stay inside.

To prevent condensation from forming on cold surfaces you have to ensure that your house is heated evenly. Try to keep the thermostat at the same temperature inside the house.

Keep in mind these ways to treat condensation on walls:

  • Try to open doors and windows regularly way as often as you can.
  • Check your vents or air bricks one time per week to ensure that they are clear.
  • On sunny days and not only try to dry your clothes outside.
  • Use extractor fans in places where have moisture like kitchen and bath.

Choose IBX Services Team

We have many years of experience so you can feel free to call us for any professional help will you need. For more information call us at +1-416-252-5959 or send us an email at [email protected].



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Fire Detection Systems – IBX Services Team

When a fire happens, not everyone can see it. It’s known also that having just one alarm at a single point can’t be heard from everyone in the building. As a result, fire detection systems are the solution.

Fire Detection Systems include:

  • manual call points placed adjacent to exits
  • control and indicator panels
  • electronic bells or sirens

During Fire Detection Systems installation it’s very important to check the sound levels. They have to be loud enough to warn all people in the area of danger and also to take into consideration any background noise and recognizing any distinctive sounds used in the danger space.

Remember that the system shouldn’t fail, but if it happens for any reason, you have to ensure that every individual inside to alert for the fire and you have to help to evacuate the property safely.

After the damage, you have to upgrade your fire detection system. The upgrade may include the application of fire detection systems and fire warning features.


  • Think for people with hearing problems

During fire detection systems installation you have to think for individuals that can’t hear. If they are alone during a fire you have to consider other types of fire damage warnings like vibrating gadgets and visual beacons.

  • Voice Alarms

Even if you have fire detection systems, not everyone can react. In this way, you have to make voice fire alarms. They can be more effective because they include a person with expert knowledge for fire damage.

  • Schematic Plans & Alarm Receiving Centres

Both of them are essential during a fire. The first one is considered as part of fire safety awareness and the second one offers general protection, especially for the building.

  • Importance of Manual Alarm Call Points

Manual Alarm Call Points are glass call points that are positioned near the exit doors. They are important because they notice for individuals that past the fire danger.

  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems

They are important because:

  1. Notice if there are areas that are remote or where people can’t detect the fire.
  2. Notice for spaces where a fire can easily develop.
  3. They are considered as “property fire protection”

If your fire detection systems alert false fire alarms when a real fire happens, no-one will take it seriously. So, try to reduce false alarms.

  • Testing And Maintenance

The fire detection systems have to be supervised by a responsible individual who has the experience and is trained. But to ensure you have to test fire alarm systems at the same time each week. So you can offer the occupants high-level security.

If you need fire damage restoration help, call the IBX Services Team. We are available 24/7 for emergency services, you can call us at +1-416-252-5959.

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Prevent Mold Growth From Your Closets

Of course, if you find mold spots on your clothes will be frustrating. This means that you have to take all of your clothes out of the closet, wash them, dry them, and put them away again. But in these cases, you have to find the root of the problem. Check if your clothes were wet or if the wood of the closet damps in some way. So in this way, you can prevent mold growth.

The best steps to prevent mold growth in closets and wardrobes:

  • The primary step is to make sure that your clothes are totally dry before putting them in the closet. Sometimes, the homeowners make mistakes of putting damp clothes in closets. You have to know that dampness is usually the result of mold – warm, moist air from damp clothing meets with cold internal surfaces like the ceiling or walls of the closet, then once the air cools, the water collects on cold surfaces and causes patches of mold to grow. In this way, the clothes begin to smell damp and musty.
  • The second step is to check if the airflow through the closet it’s correct. The most common causes of mold growth are damp and dark conditions. Closets and wardrobes are the favorite places for mold spores to reproduce and spread. Inside the wardrobes, it’s dark so you have to take care and prevent mold growth. As possible as you can, open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air to flow through the house and, in turn, the wardrobe. Don’t forget that the fresh air helps to naturally dry out excess moisture in clothing, closets, and wardrobes, no matter the cause.
  • Usually, you have to use a dehumidifier to keep clothing, walls, and ceilings dry. It also helps to keep clothing and closets free from mold. Dehumidifiers eliminate moisture in the air to a much safer 50%. If the level of moisture can be maintained, mold will become inactive and emit mold spores far less. It is essential to know that dehumidifiers aren’t a cure-all for mold. They help to prevent mold growth but not to remove it.
  • The last step is to leave the light on at times. This reduces moisture from the air. This method will help rid the closet of moisture. Remember, the light heat rises, so ensure the bulb is a decent distance away from your clothing to avoid potential house-fires.

However, if mold is spreading throughout your home, get in touch with the team from IBX. Our fast, efficient service will kill-off mold spores in your home, closets, and wardrobes while making your home a safe, healthy living environment. Feel free to call us at +1-416-252-5959.

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Water Damage Problems | What To Do?

Are several reasons that water damage can happen in your home or business area. Starting with common floods from faulty appliances such as washing machines to plumbing mishaps, burst pipes, leaking roofs, and guttering or to heavy rain and natural floods. As a result, water damage problems have to be attended to as quickly as possible in order to stop the source, repair the issue and stop any further problems from arising down the track.

What to do and what not in cases where you have water damage problems in your home:

Have water damage problems at home? You have to react to reduce any further damage to your property and assist in water damage restoration.

  • What to do:

  1. The first step is to check for the source of water and to end it. In case that your pipes are leaking get in a plumber to fix the problem. Prevent long leaking and fixed the problem as soon as possible.
  2. When happening water damage problems, immediately turn off the electricity to wet areas. This helps so that access to the electrical panel is safe for those attending to the job.
  3. It’s recommended to record photographic or video evidence of the root cause of the problem that led to the water damage.
  4. Try to reduce and to remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and wiping. You can use large fans to circulate air to assist with drying.
  5. Try to retain samples of the damaged property materials such as carpets, flooring, or other damaged areas. Are needed for the insurance assessment.
  6. Move away wet rugs or other floor coverings. Remove any precious photos, and other sentimental items to a safe, dry location.
  7. Cases where water damage problems are with water contaminated, avoid contact with such water and contaminated items and wash hands thoroughly if the contact has been made.
  • Not To Do:

  1. It is not allowed to use a household vacuum cleaner to suck up water or any wet debris. Never use any electrical appliances, if you are on wet carpet or wet floor. This causes disaster.
  2. Don’t touch any flooded carpet. You have to call professionals to do this task as it can lead to further damage.
  3. If you see mold problems call IBX Team. A professional like us will take care of that.
  4. It is not allowed to turn on ceiling fans or lights if the ceiling is wet. , Take care also to not enter any room where ceilings are sagging from retained water.
  5. In cases where the floodwater is contaminated, try to not walk on damage space.

If you have water damage problems in your home the IBX Team can help you. Water damaged areas easily help bacteria growth, so call us as soon as you can at +1-416-252-5959. We offer water damage restoration in quick methods.

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Bathroom Mold – IBX Services Team

When we talk for mold problems, bathroom mold is the first thing pass on the mind. It is the most common phenomenon and appears for some different reasons. If you are thinking to hire a professional company, we recommend that before understanding what you can safely clean or remove on your own, and when you require a professional mold removal company.

Surface Bathroom Mold

In most situations, surface mold can be cleaned without the help of a mold removal professional team and without affecting your indoor air quality. Surface mold is often found where there is poor ventilation causing high-humidity. When the steam from a hot shower becomes trapped, the moisture combined with organic materials (wood/body oils/soap/dirt) creates the perfect environment for bathroom mold to grow. But if your bath surface is structurally sound the surface mold can be scrubbed and disinfected with a strong household cleaner (vinegar, bleach or baking soda).

The solution to bathroom mold removal is to get rid of the mold, but also get rid of the cause of the mold so it does not come back. IBX Services Team has some tips to avoid the return of surface mold in your bathroom:

  • Don’t forget to check the bathroom fan if is functioning as intended and leave it running for 30-60 minutes after a shower.
  • Always open a window to allow steam (moisture) to escape after a shower.
  • Secure the shower curtain to avoid any overspray during showers.
  • Dry all condensation and pooled water at once
  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces regularly, including grout and behind the toilet.
  • Replace caulking when it begins to discolor and can no longer be cleaned.

Call a bathroom mold removal company and not only, like IBX Services, if you experience the following issues:

  • Soft, wet material in the bathroom
  • Sink leak behind the countertop/vanity
  • Grout/Tiles/caulking cracked allowing water to leak behind the shower wall
  • Toilet leak
  • Discoloration of baseboards and drywall (that returns despite following the tips provided)
  • Flooring lifted or bubbling

If you are ever unsure that you need a Mold Inspection or Indoor Air Quality Test, give IBX Services a call at +1-416-252-5959.


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