Residential Fire Damage Across The GTA

After a traumatic experience like a fire in your family’s home it is normal to feel helpless and confused about where you should turn for help. At IBX Services we know how difficult it may be for all of you that’s why make sure to provide you with fast and thorough fire damage restoration services. For more than two decades we have assisted in the residential fire damage restoration process of thousands of residential properties.

During this trying time, we are committed to providing you with dependability, quality, and exceptional customer service. We can get to work and restore your home to its pre-loss condition with just one call to our 24-hour catastrophe response line.

As the leading water and fire damage restoration company, we are ready to respond to your call right away. Our team is fully trained and has extensive experience in restoring single and multi-family houses from fire and smoke damage. As we focus on the path to recovery, we will treat you and your property with the respect and care that you deserve.

Our Residential Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration


Property Assessment

The first thing we do when we get on-site is to inspect the property and building for damage. We need to create a bespoke scope of work before we can start restoring, rebuilding, and recovering your home and its contents.


Emergency Repairs

While working on your property, our crew will make any necessary emergency repairs to maintain structural integrity, our team's safety, and prevent further damage. Structural repairs, window boarding, and roof patching are all possibilities.


Water Extraction and Dehumidification

Even in mild flames, the fire-fighting process can inflict significant damage. To avoid subsequent water damage, all water must be drained and the structure dried and dehumidified.


Soot Removal and Cleaning

Soot is very acidic and causes further fire damage if not removed quickly. Our team will remove the soot from carpets, upholstery, and walls ensuring you have a clean environment.


Deodorization and Odor Removal

After fire damage, soot and smoke leave an awful smell on different items. Our team makes sure to deodorize your home and refresh the air using specialized equipment.


Reconstruction and Repairs

Once we make sure the structure is safe and clean we can now start the fire damage restoration and reconstruction process. This can include anything from controlled minor demolition to minor repairs depending on the extent.

Choose IBX Services for Safe and Reliable Residential Fire Damage Restoration

We are the leading residential fire damage restoration company in Toronto and the GTA. Our success is due to our ability to provide quick, high-quality restoration services from start to finish with the assistance of courteous, trustworthy, and well-trained service experts. We have the necessary experience to manage any type of residential fire damage restoration