Residential Water Damage Across The GTA

Flooding, burst pipes, and water leaks can all contribute to water damage. Water can easily destroy your home if not addressed promptly. Unfortunately, residential water damage might go unnoticed or appear to be a minor problem. We’re here to inform you that this is a serious problem that requires quick professional restoration services. The longer you delay water damage restoration and treatment, the higher the restoration costs will be, as will the chance of irreversible damage to your home and mold growth.

IBX Services is the leading restoration company with more than two decades of experience in the restoration process of residential water damage. Our team knows how to examine and locate the source of any type of water damage, and they’ll focus on avoiding any structural damage through water damage repair and cleanup. 

Our Residential Water Damage Services


Locate and Repair the Water Damage Source

The first step is to locate and repair the water damage’s source. Before starting the water damage restoration, it is critical to address the source. We can proceed to the restoration process once this is completed.


Water Extraction

The key to preventing more damage from water and flood damage is to get the water out of the house as quickly as feasible. Our crews will remove all standing water to avoid subsequent damage and mold growth.


Drying & Dehumidification

We use specialist equipment such as fans, desiccants, and dehumidifiers to help with drying and dehumidification. This allows us to keep the wetness under control and dry out the damaged areas.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

If you have experienced water damage in your home there is a high possibility that you can get contaminants and debris in the affected areas. After we finish with the water extraction we safely clean and disinfect the area so you don’t get any health problems.


Reconstruction and Repair

After we have finished with the water extraction and cleaning process we can later start the process of reconstruction and repair to return your residential property to its previous state.


Insurance Company Coordination

We collaborate with the most reputable insurance companies. We are delighted to give support and coordination to make the claims process as smooth as possible thanks to the partnerships we have built.

Leave The Residential Water Damage Process Up To Professionals

Residential water damage restoration is a difficult task and it can’t be undertaken alone. You definitely need the help of a professional expert. We at IBX Services are fully trained to manage every type of residential water damage and provide you with a residential property fresher than ever before. We employ the latest technological methodologies to speed up the restoration process. Our focus is to prevent mold growth as a result of water damage. If it is necessary we handle all the communications with the insurance companies to provide our customers with an easy experience.