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Residential Restoration Services are mostly needed because of water and humidity occurrences.

Water is one of the most important elements of our life as 70% of our human bodies is water and it can benefit us with various health issues that we may have. At the same time, in the indoor environment, water is one substance that can cause the most long-term damage. The stability of buildings and personal goods can worsen rapidly in case of high humidity or flooding.

But which are the 3 most important types of residential restoration services?

1. Residential Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be very harmful at times by causing huge problems to all people living in Toronto and it can spread rapidly. Risks of water damage are connected to flooding drain, burst pipe, backups and sewage backups in our basements. Bacterial growth, mold growth and water damage can start right away so the only thing that you have to do is to call for professional assistance. 

People are unable to face this disaster by themselves and that’s why certified professionals with qualified equipment are needed in order to help with this situation and give an instant solution. IBX Services has a 15-year of experience in the water damage repair sector and has successfully overcome this challenge by giving immediate support and saving most of the properties in Canada. With a wide range of cost and time-effective structural drying tools, moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras made for different types of moisture, everything will be eliminated in no time.

2. Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is another frequent problem that people have to face and it is very overwhelming at times, as it causes tremendous problems to properties based in Canada.

It takes more than simple structural repairs to fully restore a fire-damaged building. A fire-damaged home needs to be completely decontaminated everywhere. Because it requires specific knowledge, an expert should handle it.
We advise against this if you intend to conduct fire damage restoration on your own. Making a mistake could result in things getting worse. You can end up committing a costly mistake or, worse yet, put others or yourself in danger.
You should keep in mind that you lack the training and expertise necessary to completely eradicate all health and safety threats from fire-damaged structures, let alone repair them securely and effectively.

Due to this, IBX Services expert assistance is provided immediately to any home or business that has this kind of problem. IBX Service’s goal is to help clients return to their everyday life and routine and accelerate after a fire. Our priority is to contribute to air cleanup from smoke damage and restore the valuable objects in your building.

3. Residential Mold Restoration

Mold spread is one of the main concerns that property owners have from water damage from a significant pipe break or flood. If people let this situation unchecked and are not monitored properly then mold spores are going to be created and increased on many surfaces. This will lead to critical health issues, and at the same time, it will concern people’s safety.

If you want to get rid of mold problems, then you can address IBX Services who are using washing machines, and HVAC Systems, which refers to the systems of air conditioning that manage and distribute heated and cooled air in residential and commercial buildings that aid in mold cleanup. IBX’s consultants, who are certified in residential restoration services, are going to respond directly to any problem or complexity that you will have. Industrial hygienists will examine the whole building and surfaces to identify the mold growing level and a powerful solution without risking human health.

Why choose IBX Services for Residential Restoration Services?

As a result, the only chance to eliminate these problems is to ask for help from professional teams that have the ability to ensure your safety, and healthy environment and give you high-value 24 hours emergency assistance when you most need it. Do not hesitate to call IBX Services at (416) 252-5959 if you are struggling with such challenging conditions.


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